Recommendation: Etsy Shops

I wanted to share my favorite Etsy shops with you. I love Etsy because it gives localised companies a chance to go international and sell to whoever without big hassles and setting up physical shops and all that!

I’ve only bought a few items from Etsy but that’s due to a lack of funds rather than a negative experience or anything like that.

So here’s my favorite shops!

Name: Penny Masquarade
Owner: Sarah
Location: United Kingdom
Sales: 315
Feedback: 124 (100% positive)
Products: Jewellery
Description: “The home of handmade vintage style jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, headbands, brooches, bobby pins and earrings. My jewelry is inspired by Alice in Wonderland, fairytales, afternoon tea, France, romance and literature. Slip your shoes off and sit down with a nice cup of tea whilst you peruse my little emporium.”

Name: Janine Basil
Owner: Janine
Location: United Kingdom
Sales: 1,120
Feedback: 601 (100% positive)
Products: Head accessories
Description: “I make retro style hats, fascinators, headpieces and hair accessories. They are all handmade, by me, in my flat in London, “

Name: Ella Belle Boutique
Owner: Jessica
Location: United States of America
Sales: 664
Feedback: 443 (100% positive)
Products: Jewellery
Description: Classic Hollywood, Literary, Holiday Jewelry

Name: Gardens of Whimsey
Owner: April
Location: United States of America
Sales: 1,176
Feedback: 837 (100% positive)
Products: Head accessories
Description: N/A

Name: Be Something New
Owner: Jill
Location: United States of America
Sales: 1,630
Feedback: 848 (100% positive)
Products: Head accessories
Description: Unique hair accessories for your wedding day and every”

Name: SchickiMickis
Owner: N/A
Location: Germany
Sales: 159
Feedback: 97 (100% positive)
Products: Head accessories, jewellery
Description: “Unique handmade accessories and jewelry”

Name: Filo Fashion
Owner: N/A
Location: Turkey
Sales: 181
Feedback: 110 (100% positive)
Products: Shawls, Scarves,
Description: Unique fashion handmade knitting crochet accessories”

Name: Denzi03Owner: N/A
Location: United States of America
Sales: 596
Feedback: 317 (99% positive)
Products: Scarves, boleros, capelets, roses
Description: Each scarf,bolero,capelet and rose are hand knit and handmade with love and care by me in a smoke and pet free home. I design all of my items with a lot of attention to detail.If you se something you like but would like to change things,such as the color or the style of the wole thing or just the rose or the size ect.”you get the idea, i make custom orders to fit to your needs” just let me know,i’m happy to work with you.”

Name: Sprightly Strands Boutique
Owner: N/A
Location: United States of America
Sales: 153
Feedback: 65 (100% positive)
Products: Head accessories
Description: Sprightly Strands handmade hair accessories are designed to turn heads. Day or night, casual or formal, you won’t slip through the cracks wearing Sprightly Strands’ handcrafted curiosities.”

Name: BonzieOwner: Bonzie & Ger
Location: Ireland
Sales: 1,335
Feedback: 881 (100% positive)
Products: accessories, clothing,
Description: “BONZIE is an Independent Irish Fashion Label with romantic vintage Appeal. Scouring for thrifted trinkets and vintage inspired fabric, Aunt and Neice Design Duo, Bonzie and Ger infuse each piece with an artful blend of tattered chic neovictorian,steampunk and deconstructed elements!”

What are you favorite Etys shops?

Much love,

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