Recommendation: Dermalogica FaceMapping

A couple of weeks ago I finally managed to get myself to go for a Dermalogica FaceMapping at their stall in Westfield shopping centre in West London. I heard a lot of great reviews about Dermalogica and know that a lot of beauty salons use their products in the UK, so I thought I should check them out.

Above you can see my result and what products and usages they would “prescribe” for my face.
It basically says that my skin is dehydrated above my nose bridge and brows, which means that there’s flakey-ness. It also says that I have oily skin on my forhead and nose and chin.

For those areas that are oily they have recommended to use their Clearning Mattifier each morning after using their Special Cleansing Gel or Daily Microfoliant, Multi-Active Toner and Active Moist, which they also recommend using each evening.

The experience was very pleasant. The lady used a lot of scientific words, that didn’t mean anything to me, but was kind enough to answer all my questions. She gave me some samples for the Daily Microfoliant, which is a white grainy powder that lathers up when it comes in contact with water. But that was usage for 2 days, so I can’t judge any effects of that.

Unfortunately they didn’t sell travel size products of the items that they prescribed me and the original sized products were too pricey for my liking to buy them on the spot. So I went off and bought a couple of products off eBay: Multi-Active Toner and Oil Control Lotion, which I’ve been using every morning and every night.

But besides the cost of the items and having to buy them off eBay to try, I really enjoyed the experience. I learned a lot about my skin and what I need and needn’t do and am definitely continue to trial the products I do have off their range.

Have you guys tried their products yet? I’ve been recommended so many different products after going to the FaceMapping that I don’t really know what to get first!!

Much love,


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