Post-Christmas Sales Exploits

As I mentioned in one of my recent posts, I made good use of the sales that launched as soon as we actually hit the days that are preceeded by “Christmas” in the national calendar. Some of you might know of my absolute distaste of going shopping in actual shops – it makes me cringe and panic and crawl back into bed. Not the easiest thing to deal with when I’m trying to write about fashion (LOL). I disgress.

I received my order from Dorothy Perkins … Unfortunately I had accidentally had my New Look order shipped to my actual address, though I’m not returning there until this Friday… WHAT A WAIT! aaaah I hang my head in shame! Some items of the order I placed I didn’t like, so they went straight back into the return-to-sender bag and I didn’t bother with taking pictures. I mean, why would you wanna see pics of things I’m intending to return, right?

tailored peg trousers: £10 (from £28)
tortoiseshell patent shoes: £15 (from £30)

I also went on a little shopping spree in Manchester during the 2nd Manchester Beauty Bloggers Meetup, that Lily from Beautys Bad Habit kindly organised. Yes, with people with me for emotional and mental support, I actually dared facing the shops in town! But then again, Manchester is so much easier for shopping than Birmingham will ever, ever be (I wonder if I’m permanently damaged by my bad shopping experiences in Birmingham?).


I am so excited! My very first Harvey Nichols bag with awesome stuff in it! I never go to Harvey Nichols in Birmingham, because it’s just a little bit out of the main shopping area and I always feel like I’m so out of place there what with all those posh shops next to it.

These 3 items were all in the sales section. £5 each.

Dianne Brill Cosmetics Lip Stick in Lace Up Bustier

Dianne Brill Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Suede String

These two – the lip stick and the lip gloss – come in the cutest packaging! The lip stick is like lying in its own little bed all seductively and the lip gloss, as you can see, comes in a little ball that is in a cupcake paper holder! So adorably cute! And then both colours are just to die for – and the names! We couldn’t find one product by this to us unknown brand that didn’t have a naughty connotation… Whoever has the job to come up with those names – YOU ROCK!

My first theBalm product! I needed a kabuki brush so this one is perfect!

sleeveless blue beaded silk top: £3 (from £8)
brown ankle block heels: £8 (from £16)
sleeveless amber beaded silk top: £5 (from £10)
pink & grey stripy jumper: £5 (from £10)

So I saved about £56 right here – I think that’s not too bad, eh? And who knows what I’ll keep from the New Look order I placed – I will definitely keep you posted!
What did you buy during the post Christmas sale?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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