Paul & Joe: Ornamental Holiday Collection

Yesterday I already blogged about the STUNNING Paul & Joe Ornamental Holiday Collection for this year’s holiday season! If you haven’t seen it, make sure to check it out. Product pictures from professionals are always better than the pictures I can offer.

But as I said yesterday, when I opened the parcel from the PR people, I literally gasped at every single item!! They are so delicately beautiful. It’s ZOMG to the power of 10!

Luxury MakeUp Pouch, Ornamental Pressed Powder and 2 Nail Enamels
Nail Enamels Hallelujah (green-golden glitter polish) and O Holy Night (teal sparkle polish) for 10.50 each
Ornamental Pressed Powder for £22

How you liking this collection now, huh? God this is so beautiful!! I can only ever repeat myself!!

The nail polishes apply like a dream, even if they needed 2-3 coats for good opacity. You can obviously layer them on top of other polishes, like I did with Hallelujah and Zoya‘s Jem in my NOTD yesterday.

For those who are concerned with the sparkly bits in the Ornamental Pressed Powder – it’s so very subtle! You don’t end up looking like a disco ball, if you are worried about that. It’s very subtle and you can only really see it up-close (and only really if you know it’s there), but it gives a beautiful nice glow, just perfect for festivities!

The luxury makeup pouch is just as beautiful. It is run through with silver and golden thread that makes it feel so exquisite! It has lots of space inside, with 3 pockets in-built. And it has a pocket on the back of it too, so plenty of space to put away makeup when you travel. What I *really* like about this pouch is that the clasp (or is it buckle? shutter? I’m going with clasp) is a proper twist-clasp, not a magnetic one that just look like it’s a clasp. So your makeup is really secure in there. I will be using this bag for nights out, it’s so stylish!!

What do you think of this collection? Are you considering buying pieces of the Paul&Joe Ornamental Holiday Collection?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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