OOTD: Mother’s Day

I bet the title is sending you into a wee little panic, but don’t! It’s NOT Mother’s Day in the UK today, so take a deep breath! However, it IS Mother’s Day in Germany today (I know, right? Why the hell are they celebrating it now rather than in March like normal people, eh?). Being German and even more so having a German mummy, I kinda need to go with that date, rather than the one we know.

But since I’m in the middle of my final round of final year exams (Hurrah!! Almost done with uni! Eeeek!), which also explains the lack of blogging hopefully, I haven’t really had a chance to find any gifts for her, let alone send them to her, so I thought I do a little blog instead – but not photos of me, but her!

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Isn’t she beautiful? I can only be so lucky to look so fit at her age!

Now take a guess at how old my stunning mummy is – let me know in the comments and I’ll let you know how wrong you are :p EVERYONE GUESSES HER AGE WRONG muahahahaha.

Happy Mummy’s Day, mummy!!


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8 Comments on “OOTD: Mother’s Day

  1. Jane

    Dangerous grounds guessing a ladies age! lol Hope your final exams are going well. lovely post about your mum and she is truly gorgeous. I am not going to guess her age though! lol x x


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