Olympic Yeikes or Likes [AKA Perving at Men]

We’re all in Olympics fever at the moment – ok, maybe not ALL of us, but it seems a lot of us really are. I got to watch the Team GB Women’s Football at their Quarter Final against Canada and it was absolutely amazing! The atmosphere was unbelievable. And I cannot wait to see Oscar Pistorius running at the Paralymics T44 400m Final!

But I don’t just watch Olympics because of the sport – heck, most of the sport I’m not even interested or understand, but it’s exciting and THERE IS SOME REAL EYE CANDY OUT THERE!

If you’re like me and the only two sports you can understand and sort of judge in terms whether a routine was done well or not, then you watch diving, swimming or gymnastics (of course I also watch rowing, badminton, tennis, football and some of the other stuff). Aren’t we lucky that it is there where we find the most eye candy?!

YES I LIKE PERVING AT FIT MEN, regardless of having Lodz. And who can really blame me (except for the said Lodz)?!

So here’s the first edition of ‘Yeikes or Likes?’ – a little fitties face-off a la Big Fashionista, my ultimate idol when it comes to perving over and judging of good looking men, featuring CHRIS MEARS v TOM DALEY – honestly, with these two I cannot decide which one is fitter (but I’m thinking Chris Mears!)

Chris Mears

Tom Daley

I’m sure I don’t have to explain why these two are up first, right?! ;)



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