Oh, The Drama, Don’t We Just Love It?

The other day I was reading a blog post by someone who got pissed off about something or the other that some other blogger did – and my response was ‘wayyy too unnecessary drama!!’. This beauty/fashion blogger community sometimes (more often than not) causes way too much drama for my liking (and sometimes I have to admit, I’m cause of the drama, but that’s hopefully in the past the more I retreat myself)

But now I have to vent my frustrations too – but thank God, it’s not a blogger drama per se. It’s more about people wasting my time when I’m trying to survive by selling my stuff here on my blog and on eBay. And I’m sure every one who’s done a blog sale or has sold stuff on eBay can relate to the following.

#1 – No I canNOT give you discounted / free postage.
The p&p costs are there for a reason – for me to cover the costs of sending you the things you buy from me, which are already heavily discounted (e.g. the Lancome Touche Eclat retails at £20+ but I’m selling it for less than £10 for almost full-size!). Yes, sometimes you will end up overpaying the p&p, because of course 2 lipsticks don’t cost £3 to send. BUT sometimes you will pay less for p&p – the Lancome bottle will cost at least £3 to post and if you buy it on its own you’ll save £1. I cannot have it having to calculate the costs for each buyer individually – too much risk for me. I’ve had this before when I didn’t charge enough and ended up losing money. Hence the flatrate indicated on my blog sale page. I cannot give you free postage either – 4 nail polishes are so heavy that it’s about £3-4 to send – if I were to give you free postage, and you’d buy those polishes for £4 you’d basically get them for free. So no.

#2 – No, stuff is not sent recorded.
People assuming that just because their p&p total £5.50 (because they’ve bought 7 items) that the items are being sent recorded. NOWHERE on my blog does it say that they would be sent recorded and just because YOU think that it might be sent recorded doesn’t make it true! If you want recorded delivery, let me know but then also expect even higher p&p. When you buy online from any store you also have to pay more for recorded postage – it’s the same for me. I’m selling my belongings for a reason – I’m struggling with survival – so no, I can’t make anything for free or cheaper or giveaway stuff just because! This is never an issue on eBay, because you indicate what type of shipping you provide – and if you want a different shipping option you contact the seller beforehand. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THAT’S ANY DIFFERENT ON A BLOG SALE?!

#3 – No, it’s not polite to waste people’s time
Why do people leave blog sale comments saying they want something and then you go and invoice them and they don’t bother to pay?! WHY ASK TO BUY SOMETHING THEN IN THE FIRST PLACE? The amount of time I’ve wasted sending payment reminders and emails asking people whether they still want items is ridiculous. When you sell as many items as I do and you are selling them for ensuring basic survival, then it’s a mission to make sure everything goes smoothly – it’s really hard to keep track of things at times. Why is it so hard to take 2 seconds to respond ‘Sorry, I’m not interested in the items anymore’ to one of my million payment reminders?! If this was eBay, I could at least open an Unpaid Item case.

Wasting people’s time not paying for items – not polite. Expecting recorded delivery without confirmation and then putting the blame on the seller – not polite. Not responding to emails – not polite. Expecting discounted or free delivery – not polite.

I really really don’t understand people anymore. If I buy something on eBay and I realise that I have gotten issues with payment or whatever, I contact the seller immediately, apologise and explain and hope for understanding from the seller. That’s the polite thing to do. If I ask to buy something from a blog sale and receive the invoice and change my mind, I email that person straight away, again apologising and explaining and hoping for the best. That’s the polite thing to do. If I want to make sure that my parcel arrives safely at mine, then I ask for recorded delivery and if that’s not an option, then I won’t buy. But I don’t just assume that it’ll be recorded and then strip myself of all responsibility afterwards when there’s issues. I meet people half-way. That’s the polite thing to do. And I’m freaking German and we’re known for not being very polite!!

I’m really sorry for this long rant, but it’s really actually rather upsetting and frustrating and making me very angry at times. I’m not selling my stuff for jokes – no one does. People normally only part with things (regardless of whether they need them or not) because they need money for something else. So for those who do any of those things that aren’t polite – MAYBE THINK ABOUT THE SELLER’S REASONS BEFORE YOU DO ANY OF THOSE IMPOLITE THINGS!!

Have you ever experienced any of this kind of crap from people?!


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6 Comments on “Oh, The Drama, Don’t We Just Love It?

  1. lovenailpolish

    Sounds like a big pain in the butt! I guess ebay has those protections for the sellers, but it is still a pain. I know it is a lot of work.I have noticed many people seem to have forgotten how to be civil, much less polite, to one another.

  2. Emma

    I've often thought about having a blog sale to get rid of unused items and make a bit of extra cash, but I just don't think I could be bothered with the hassle! x

  3. RCagz

    Never done a blog sale myself but they just sound like a right pain. I do understand your frustration though. Even a blog sale should be considered a proper business transaction, it's just rude if you can't be bothered to contact the seller if you don't want an item or expect P&P to be free. xoxo


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