New Additions to Primark SS12

There are companies that only do a few but substantial collections per season (mostly high-end), and then there are those brands who constantly bring out new items – and Primark is one of those.

Again, they’ve extended and replaced items they introduced 2 months ago to their SS12 ‘collection’ with new items in hopes to bring them continuous profit. And rather than just showing you all the items, I thought I’d rather create 3 looks with my favourite items from the new additions!

Primark SS12

My absolute favourite piece is the yellow patent heels. I wish they were platform! But hey, I’m not complaining – it’s taken months to even find bright (not light) yellow patent heels – every single pair of bright yellow shoes I’ve laid my eyes on in the past few weeks were made of suede (and I freaking hate suede) or they were from abroad and the retailers wouldn’t ship to the UK.

I also love the floral blouse (top right) – combine that with a pleated mono-colour skirt and maybe a denim jacket or a nice pastel blazer — HEAVEN.

I can’t wait to see these items in the shop (or maybe they are already?)!

Which items are your favourites from Primark’s new additions to their SS12 collection?


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6 Comments on “New Additions to Primark SS12

  1. bloomzy

    I remember seeing those shoes in my local Primark, and I agree, they are bright hahaI like the cardigan, looks cute and comfortable.

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      Haha somehow I'm not surprised that the cardi is up your street LOL! Gosh I cant wait for exams to be over and to go crazy and spend ridiculous amounts of money in Primark just because I can (well, I can't really but whatevaaaa)♥


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