My Uni Days are Over!!!

On Friday, I had the worst day of my life until 12pm. I thought I was gonna die from nerves and felt sick and shaky. After 18 years of hard work, I would finally find out whether those 18 years and £30k+ in debt to come to a UK university were worth it.

And excuse me, but FUCK YEAH, it was! I got a 2:1 with 66%!! I’m soooo freaking over the moon!! Gosh, guys, this is like the best feeling in the world ever!!! To know that not just the hard work at uni but also the hard work to get my English language skills to this level before coming to uni and getting my A-Levels to a AAAB just to be sure I could get into any uni I’d want —- BEST FEELING EVER!!!!!

All that extra pain that I had to go through as a foreigner to come to the UK, to survive all by myself for 3 years just to become eligible for student fundings and then still struggling because that money is nowhere near enough to survive, but not having my parents to back me up financially, all that extra pressure from not always fully understanding the words and jokes or accidentally crossing a line from not being from this culture, etc. Also being 5years or more older than most people, etc. So much pain. But it worth it, because I walked away with a 2:1!! Woop Woop :)

On a side note, I wanted to mention that it was the boyfriend Lodz’s 23rd birthday on Sunday and being a notoriously broke person, what with too high rent and subletters dropping out and jobs being promised and then cancelled, I could only afford getting a birthday card commissioned for him. He loves The Hungry Caterpillar and my favourite flowers are daisies, so he’s my caterpillar and I’m his daisy so naturally the caterpillar and daisy needed to be on the birthday card.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LODZ!! If you wanna give him a belated b’day pressie, I’m sure he wouldn’t mind if you followed his grooming / food / lifestyle blog at

The card was illustrated by my friend Charly, who’s studying Illustration – you should definitely check out her facebook page, her etsy page and her blog! She’s darn talented, that’s for sure!!


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8 Comments on “My Uni Days are Over!!!

  1. talbs x

    Huge congratulations! I've just finished my A Levels so I'm waiting for the day I find out if I'm into university, fingers crossed I'll graduate in three years as successfully as you! Good luck for the future! xxx


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