My Favourite Earrings

Russian Dolls: unknown | Green-Yellow Earrings: A Little Market
Nude-Gold Hoops: Primark | Crystal Studs: F. Hinds
Long Hearts: Primark | Green Crystal Danglers: Random Shop
Purple Hearts: Swarovski | Grey-Silver Pearl & Quartz Earrings: Independent Jeweller
Strawberries: Swarovski | Maple Leaves: Etsy
Squared Open Hoops: Forever 21 | Beaten Drops: Forever 21
Fusia-Gold Squares: Primark | Blue-Gold Drops: Primark
Black-Gold Squares: Primark | Dangling Spikes: Miss Selfridge
Geometric Danglers: TopShop

Please excuse the picture heaviness, but can you tell how I’m like OBSESSED with earrings? I love earrings. Love, love, LOVE them! There isn’t a shopping spree where I don’t buy at least one set of earrings – there is just such a huge variety of them out there and all are so equally beautiful. It was really difficult to actually choose my current favourites – I have about a gazillion to choose from. Hence the load of pictures.

I used to hate stud-type earrings, always preferred those that you sort of loop through your earlobe hole. But this season I’ve kind of found myself slowly drifting away from that – still loving dangling earrings, but as studs! Because they are now big enough to cover my earlobes. Maybe that’s why I like these type of earrings – they hide the fact that I used to have expanded earlobe holes.

Some of these earrings above I don’t even know where I got them from. And some have proper sentimental value, like the maple leaf shaped ones and the long grey dangling ones (both I got from Lodz) and the purple heart-shaped and the strawberry-shaped Swarovski earrings (I got these from my awesome mummy!). I don’t spend much money on a pair of earrings though. Maximum is like £7 a pop – and that’s very rare. The only pair here in this best-of gallery that cost more than that (at least of those I bought) are the top right ones: I spotted them on the French version of Etsy ( and just *had* to have them!

From the listing along you can obviously tell that my favourite place to shop for jewellery is Primark, followed by Forever 21. Primark is great for jewellery – it’s cheap and yes it’ll fall apart quickly, but I tend to lose or misplace earrings constantly, so I’m glad that they are so cheap. And I get bored of earrings quickly (which is probably also another reason why I buy so many!). And Forever 21 just make the most beautiful jewellery ever! When I go into their store I just NEVER KNOW WHERE TO LOOK FIRST and end up having to put half of the content of my shopping basket away for not spending too much money!

What are your favourite places to shop for jewellery? Do you think I’m being massively obsessive or can you relate to my “suffering” of not being able to walk past any jewellery displays?


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