My Christmas Wish List That I Don’t Want To Come True

I can’t wait to fly home for Christmas tomorrow! I haven’t been back since March this year – NINE MONTHS! Geez I could’ve popped out a child in that time LOL.

But this time I’m flying home empty-handed. Besides not being able to afford presents this year, I’m also incredibly stuck for presents, because I haven’t been home for so long and because my dad and my brothers are so difficult to buy for. Oh, and Lodz is too.

But even if I had had the money to all buy them presents, I would be still struggling so much – dads and brothers (and their partners) are the worst people to buy for ever, right? Just like most people, I normally resort to giving this lot gift cards, but until very recently I never thought about whether that’s a good idea – it’s certainly an easy way out of the dilemma, but WHAT IF I PICK A GIFT CARD FOR THE WRONG STORE?!

This is why I love those shopping centres like the ones by Westfield, that offer shopping centre wide usable gift cards. These gift cards aren’t just an easy way out for you because you don’t have to spend much time on thinking about what to get those who you just can’t possibly think what to get them, BUT you also know there are literally hundreds of stores within the Westfield shopping centres, both in Stratford and in London, where they can actually really get what they want when they want and need it. And you don’t even need to leave the house as you can order these bad boys online and have them posted directly to these difficult-to-buy-for people (if you know their addresses, that is!).

But this not-being-able-to-give is also why I don’t want my family to give me anything for Christmas. To avoid the guilt. The imbalance.

So I rather fantasise about what I would get myself for Christmas if I had one of these lovely Westfield Gift Cards


01. I always wanted to try a designer foundation like the Armani one. I tried Dior and Chanel through blog sales and samples from counters, but never actually bought one because they’re just out of my price range. Would love to try this one by Armani though – I think Gemma once said she liked this one.

02. I love clever packaging. When I first saw this Guerlain lippie at the Debenhams SS13 press day, I couldn’t stop playing with it! If you push the slider up, the lipstick bullet disappears into the casing, if you push the slider down, the lippie pops back out. Means your lipstick is absolutely safe in your pocket (I’ve had to bury many a lippies because the cap popped off in my bag – RIP my lovelies!)

03. I’ve heard so many beauty bloggers rave about the YSL lip stain & gloss thingy when it came out. Only tried it once this weekend, and was quite impressed. Though I’m not a big fan of the gloss element, I do love lipsticks that stay on forever – even if that’s just the stain.

04. Yet another clever packaging product that I wish I could have. These lippies by Guerlain have a built-in mirror in them on the inside – so no more nonsense with the mirrors on the outside so that they get smudged and dirty! Plus this one is a matter colour, which I always prefer (I just don’t like the glossy look – I think it doesn’t suit my thin lips, really)

05. My friend Pip introduced me to this bad boy of an eyeshadow by Chanel sometime earlier this year when she finally gave in after all my begging and hassling her to do my makeup (she’s a makeup artist). These eyeshadows are brilliant, because they are have a mousse/cream texture, which I thought was going to last about 2 seconds on my oily lids, but turns out they turn into a powdery finish just like cream-to-powder foundations! And this Mirifique colour is just super stunning.

A girl can dream, right? *Sigh*

How do you find the idea of giving gift cards like the Westfield one rather than store-specific cards or specific (possibly unwanted) gifts to those who you find difficult to buy for?


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