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Monthly Favourites NovemberAs always, my monthly favourite feature some hardcore favourites that I will forever swear by (I think; my love is fickle) and then some newbies that I now think I swear by but might be replaced next month haha.

I’ve loved this Dolce & Gabbana L’Imperatrice perfume since I smelled my old uni friend Emma, when Lodz and I visited her in Paris 2 years ago. It’s got this beautifully light fruity and fresh scent from watermelon and kiwi notes – not too heavy, so I wear it day and night (I have quite a few perfumes but this one is the one I reached for most this month).

While I’m not overly keen most of their products, John Frieda Full Repair Style Creator Heat-Activated Styling Spray (*) owns my heart. I had tried other heat-activated styling products before and didn’t like them, because they made my hair all sticky and difficult to style in the first place. This spray positively surprised me as it does make my curls hold for a couple of days – of course they drop because of the weight of my hair, but it does leave some definition. Not sure on the ‘repairing’ aspects of the spray though – can’t say it’s made my hair better, but not worse either. So I guess it definitely protects my hair.
The VO5 Give Me Texture Spray (*) is a brilliant addition on top of the styling spray. Once I’ve finished curling my hair, I spray some of the VO5 stuff in my hair for a bit off artificial messy hair. Love it!

I gotta admit, I never tried a mousse foundation before this one, but I couldn’t exactly say no when the lovely Avon makeup artists said it would work great with my skin! Boy am I glad I listened! The Avon Ideal Flawless Matte Mousse Foundation (*) is perfect. Matte finish just how I like it – thanks to my oily skin I get that ‘dewy finish’ just in a couple of hours anyways. Its powdery feel makes it really light on the skin too, which is always a bonus.

I wouldn’t be able to choose just 1-2 items. I play with my blushers every day and like to change them depending on my mood. But when it comes to highlighters I have to go-tos when I’m in the rush or being lazy – these are both perfectly safe options because they go with everything: Accessorize Baked Bronzer – Golden Sand & Benefit Girl Meets Pearl. In terms of blushers it’s the same spiel – I love changing blushers, but at the moment I do love the Kiko Cosmetics Powder Blush – 112 and my MAC Powder Blush – Fever the most. I need to try more cream blushers again, me thinks!

I’ve become so super lazy when it comes to eyes, you won’t believe it. Most of the days I don’t wear anything other than a flicked liner, which my Pixi Lash Line Ink – Black (*) is absolutely perfect for. So precise and long lasting! Lily recommended it to me so I couldn’t exactly say no! With this look, I find it’s really important to have full looking lashes, so I use the Avon SuperShock Gel Liner – Black (*) to tightline so that the base of my upper lashes is black. If I do anything with my eyes though, it’ll be one solid colour on the lid, blended on the edges and that’s what I use the Famous by Sue Moxley The Big Cat Palette (*) for – of course after applying MAC Paint Pot – Painterly (surprisingly I’ve gone off all the other eye primers!).
And the two items I swear by, come what may, are the Avon Glimmerstick Brow Definer – Blonde (*) despite the fact that I am brunette, this is dark enough for me, and the Collection Big Ultimate Fake Mascara – Brown/Black (*) for super thick long lashes (great affordable dupe to the Benefit Bad Gal Mascara!)

Dark lipsticks have been my favourites this month, which is really weird because I don’t normally do lip products at all. I constantly forget to check whether my lipstick is still on which it isn’t most of the time thanks to my smoking and talking WAY TOO MUCH. So I try to remember to use my MAC Lip Pencil – Beet which is great underneath darker lipsticks. So for me to stock up on lipsticks and struggling to actually boil it down to like 5 lipsticks that I wore most in October is a huge deal haha. So here’s my October 5 Top Lipsticks:  Autograph – Raspberry (*), MAC Prolong Wear Lipstick – Prolonged, Rimmel Kate Moss Matte Lipstick – 107 (*), No7 Stay Perfect Lipstick – Glace, MAC Lustre Lipstick – Lady Bug and the fantastic satin-finish dupe for the Rimmel lipstick Sleek True Colour Lipstick – Cherry (*)

What were your go-to products in November?

Also, should I maybe do this in a video rather than a post? Let me know!


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  1. Carla

    I rarely wear lipsticks anymore and I would love to find a brand that actually lasts and won't smudge. (I actually stopped because it's eaither wearing lipstick or kissing your boyfriend.) Haha. I think a video would be a great idea for this kind of post. – Carla


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