meWants: Help to choose a dress

Hello dollies,

Today I’m coming to you with a cry for help. I need help. Desperately. And ASAP.

I gotta find a dress that I can wear to my niece’s wedding AND to my man’s gradball.

I have a few candidates, but I’m not suureeeeee… HEEELP ME PLEASE!! Or at least help me find a dress for my niece’s wedding first please? My man’s graduation isn’t until early June, so I still have some time hehe.

Please help me!!

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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12 Comments on “meWants: Help to choose a dress

  1. Thakitty

    Well where is the wedding? In church? Outside ( like beach, camp house.. ) ?depending on your height, it was better one on the knee (I'm tall). I like the pink/coral(7) and withe/black (8) :)

  2. Kat Williams

    I love the first one but I wouldn't wear that colour to a wedding. I'm wearing a pink wedding dress next month and I almost freaked out today when I heard a guest of mine was going to be wearing pink. Thankfully hers is a completely different shade or I'd have to tell her to go shopping again!The grey one is really though! I love the sparkly detail.

  3. Godfrina

    For the wedding the second from the top (I like the lacey one as well but can't wear white if not the bride eh ;)) and for the ball the second from the bottom. Or the grey one for both? Tough choices there ;) x

  4. Miriam Menne

    I like the silver one and the coral(?). and the one with the flowers. They are very suitable for a wedding… I already have mine for my brothers wedding in 2 weeks. Will be his "best man" ;-)


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