meWants: cute Jewellery (Chelsea Doll)

I’m absolutely in love with jewellery. Maybe even more in love with jewellery than with makeup!

I know, that’s blasphemous! LOL but jewellery is so pretty and you don’t have to spend ages getting ready to make them look pretty. It takes about 10 minutes to choose the right earrings/rings/necklace/etc and your outfit is 10x prettier.

And OMG I’m looooving all those cute pieces of jewellery that you can find everywhere: rings with bunnies in hats; rings that are beautiful lips; necklaces that have a bird in a bird cage pendant? Absolutely to die for!!

Here are some I want from Chelsea Doll

And may I just show you the bag below? How cool is that? Not that I would buy it, but it’s still a wicked idea!

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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