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Thanks to my beautiful talented French friend Mathilda aka Tildzbox who is a singer and a makeup artist I found this wonderful website called A Little Market.

This website is very similar to America’s Etsy – people, who can’t afford to have their own phsycical stores or online stores or those who just wanna make a couple of quid on the side, sell their very unique, mostly handmade stuff here! And that could be anything ranging from clothes to shoes to jewellery and accessories for all occasions! I love those sort of stores because you can find totally unique, but beautiful things.

Yes it can take ages until you find something you really like, but that’s the same with Etsy, right? And the good thing is that this is a French copy of Etsy and so you will save loads of money in shipping from just that!

Of course, being a French website, it’s fully in French, but whats Google Translate for eh? Just whack the entire web address into that thing and you can surf the website in English (well mostly)!

Most sellers charge around 4€ per item for shipping which is like £3. And you can see how many items they’ve sold and what feedback they received – just like eBay & Etsy!

Here’s a couple of things I currently want from there! This time with links hehe

Bambi Earrings for 12€
Orange & Strawberry Tarlet Studs for 8€
Grapefruit, Orange & Kiwi Earrings for 22€
Plastic Figure Necklace for 28€
Unique Floral Necklace perfect for strapless dresses for 19.90€
Punk Girl Pendant Necklace for 15€
Crepe Necklace for 9€

Aren’t those things adorable?? I could spend all day browsing that website and find stuff I love.
In case you were wondering, I have indeed bought a pair of earrings through A Little Market and it was a great experience:

these cost me 18€ + 4€ shipping

So go to if you speak French or go to Google Translate and type the address in there and browse and spend money!!

Much love & happy shopping,
Miss drifted Snow White


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