MCRFW: Missguided (2)

Last week I gave you a taster for how awesome the first 3 shows of Missguided at Manchester Fashion Week were so I want to show you the last 2 shows they did on the second day of the MCRFW because they were just as totes amazeballs as the first 3 shows!

Show 4: Festival/Grunge
Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0001Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0002Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0003Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0004Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0005Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0006Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0008Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0010Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0011Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0012Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0013Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0014Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0015Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0016Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0017Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0018Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0019Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0020Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0021Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0022Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0023Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0024Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0025Missguided MCRFW Festival Show 0026

So after the colourful Colour Pop show, which I absolutely lovedLoved, Missguided showed off their items that are just as smack on trend for this season: Festival/Grunge. So for those of you who are planning to let loose at any of the amazing festivals this summer brings, these clothes are gonna be perfect for you!

My favourite items: the gold-crosses-embellished black dress, the studded denim shorts and the black cut-out dress (I cant find it on Missguided’s website :’()

Show 5: Disco/Party
Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0001Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0002Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0003Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0004Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0005Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0007Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0008Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0009Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0010Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0011Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0012Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0013Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0014Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0015Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0016Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0017Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0018Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0019Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0020Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0021Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0022Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0023Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0024Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0025Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0026Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0027Missguided MCRFW Disco Show 0028

The final Missguided show was all about looking flash on the dance floor, so it involved a lot of very fitted, short dresses, sequins, low-cut necklines, lace and other sheer materials. Everything to look sexy partying your ass off. They even had some DJs (the names escape me *ooops*) getting the audience into the mood for clubbing!

My favourite pieces: the golden sequin shorts, the high-low chiffon & lace black & white dress and the red maxi-dress! Disco Feeeeverrrrrr!!

Now let’s get to my FAVOURITE PART of all of the Missguided shows: THEIR SHOES.

Those who follow my Pinterest might have already seen my ‘Shoe Porn’ board, where I’ve been pinning literally dozens of shoes on. I’m such a shoe-girl, such a heels girl, even though I can’t really walk on them at all HAHA! At their launch event in February I immediately fell for their shoe collection – I had never noticed Missguided’s shoe awesomeness before (maybe they hadn’t even done shoes before? I don’t know!) All I know is I GASPED as I saw their shoes – and the same happened again during their shows at MCRFW. They made me fall for their shoes all over again! So I thought I make a special section post about their shoes, just to make you drool as much as I did!

The Shoes
Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (1)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (2)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (4)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (5)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (6)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (11)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (12)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (13)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (14)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (15)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (16)Missguided MCRFW Shoes  (17)

What can I say? I’m just starting to drool looking at these pictures! They are all so awesome! There’s something for everyone really – unfortunately I didn’t catch all shoes, only those that were worn during the last show, as that was the only time I sat in a position where I could take pictures of the shoes. There are a lot more, lots of flatforms that are soo popular at the moment (I personally dont get them, but ah well, what do I know haha).

My favourite shoes: the black silver-studs lita-esque ankle boots, the gold glitter wedges and the black spike-studs ankle boots.

Phew…. That’s it! That was Missguided’s day at Manchester Fashion Week! Doesn’t it look amazing? I hope you don’t mind that I had to do too separate posts, but you could already guess from the first part post that this was going to be picture heavy!!

What was (or would have been) your favourite show? Which items are now on your lust-have list? Did you drool as much as I did (and still do) about those shoes? LET ME KNOW!!


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