MCRFW: Missguided (1)

This week I got to go to my very first fashion shows ever at the very first Manchester Fashion Show, that was sponsored/supported by Missguided – one of my favourite fashion retailers!

I was so excited to see the Missguided shows! To see the the beautiful items that I got to see at their Spring/Summer Collection Launch Event in February on real models! YAAAY! And the day was sooo wonderful because I got to meet Kavita, Victoria, Rosie, Lara and Sara and see Becca & Gemma again too!  

Myself, Gemma, Victoria, Rosie & Kavita

Being the sponsor/supporter of the first MCRFW, Missguided had the Tuesday – the 2nd day of the MCRFW – all for themselves to showcase the numerous stunning items from their current collection in 5 differently themed shows, and showcase they did! Which is why this post will be very picture-heavy! I took over 600 pictures and managed to restrict myself to 1-2 pictures per outfit, but that’s still a shedloads of pictures! But I could NOT for the life of me cut it down anymore.

I tried doing the ‘My favourite outfits from Missguided @ MCRFW’ thing but I just couldn’t decide and also I didn’t want to keep any from you, just because I prefer something doesn’t mean you will and vice versa, so better not to hold back, right? ;-)

Show 1 – Theme: Prints
Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0002Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0003Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0004Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0006Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0008Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0009Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0011Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0012Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0015Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0016Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0018Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0020Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0022Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0023Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0025Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0026Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0028Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0030Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0031Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0032Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0033Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0034Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0035Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0036Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0038Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0039Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0040Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0042Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0043Missguided MCRFW Print Show 0044

kicked their 5 shows off with the Prints theme. And true to what the funny twin brother hosts said (“the more clashing, the better”), Missguided went to town with dots & stripes, aztec & animal, floral and other cute patterns.

My favourite pieces: the upside-down black & white cross jeans, the floral playsuit and the tropical floral leggings!

Show 2 – Theme: Nautical
Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0001Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0003Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0005Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0006Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0009Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0010Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0012Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0013Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0016Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0017Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0019Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0020Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0023Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0024Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0027Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0028Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0029Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0031Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0032Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0036Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0037Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0040Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0041Missguided MCRFW Nautical Show 0044

Nautical being the theme for the 2nd show, Missguided showed their light, flowing fabrics and cute playsuits, dresses and shorts ideal for your beach holiday – there’s perfect clothes for day time and night time!

My favourite pieces: The light blue chain print shorts, the white/cream lace waistband skater dress and the blue one-shoulder playsuit!

Show 3 – Theme: Colour
Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0001Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0003Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0005Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0006Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0007Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0008Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0010Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0011Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0013Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0014Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0016Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0017Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0018Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0019Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0020Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0021Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0022Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0026Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0027Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0029Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0030Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0032Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0033Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0034Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0035Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0036Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0037Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0038Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0039Missguided MCRFW Colour Show 0040

By far the busiest show was the 3rd one that was themed as ‘Colour’ – and it was by far my favourite. I generally love colourful clothes (no one would guess it looking into my wardrobe, but I do love it, especially in the autumn/winter time) and love it even more when it is bright colours clashing in their fight for attention. Missguided changed into 5th gear and really brought out the brightest colours in neon pink, neon yellow, bright orange and fuchsia but didn’t forget that pastels are also massively popular at the moment!

My favourite items: the coral blazer, the mint green pleated shirt-dress and the pastel yellow skinny jeans!

What I REALLY, REALLY loved about the Missguided shows is the use of different shape and height models. Their models’ sizes and heights ranged a lot (from size 8 to 12 as far as I remember), which surely didn’t make it easy for their stylist, but in the end it just showed off how wearable the Missguided clothes really are! It just demonstrated that the brand is about being for everyone who wants to look very fashionable on a small budget! Well done to Sara for putting all the outfits (and the entire shows) together!!

Stay tuned for the 2nd post about the Missguided @ MCRFW which will feature the Festival/Grunge Show and the Disco/Party Show as well as some of the mind-blowingly amazing shoes the lovely models were lucky enough to wear! Prepare for more clothes envy!


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5 Comments on “MCRFW: Missguided (1)

  1. MakeupbyNix

    I am so jealous that I didn't get to go (to be honest, I wasn't even invited!) to MCR Fashion Week! Looks like you had a wonderful time though. Some of the outfits in the pictures above are gorgeous! Just wish I had money to buy anything!

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      I wasn't invited either – Fashion Weeks aren't on invite-only basis hunni. You should definitely go next time! It's so much fun!Yeah, I feel ya – I wish I had the dollar to buy all the pretty things!!♥


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