Love Me Do in Liverpool

Last weekend I got to see my best friend Pete from uni again who moved to Paris last year after graduating to be with his lovely girl Jess. And with him being from Liverpool and both of us being into the Beatles, I forced him to take me onto a Beatles tour and drag my Lodz along of course!

So the 4 of us met up in Liverpool early Saturday and walked around and got lost (you’d think Pete would know his way around Liverpool being from there, but NOPE! haha) and went to Liverpool’s Beatle Story. It costs £9 for students, but it’s so worth the money – they have set it up very authentically, recreated settings like the Cavern Pub/Club, where the band played so many concerts, and the Abbey Road Studios and the studio, where John Lennon recorded ‘Imagine’. Really really cool!

And the memorabilia that they had there was incredible – from all over the world, like Germany where they had their big break, and Russian Dolls from Russia, where they were very important considering it was a communist country and was very much against Western ideas.

And did you know that Liverpool has these weird amphibious cars? I had almost a heart-attack when I saw this yellow boat-shaped car driving towards the docks and not stopping! I bet those who get onto these car/boat things must have a right death scare if they don’t know what to expect!!

And then there’s these weird Lama-Banana (Lamanana?) statue things… I was just like WTF?

I’m so glad that I did this little tour – it was so much fun!! Being close to the sea and seeing and hearing the Beatles and other bands that Liverpool gave birth too – I can see myself living in or near Liverpool at some point :)


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4 Comments on “Love Me Do in Liverpool

  1. Lace and Lavender

    Hi, I'm a new follower :) I've never been to liverpool myself but I am definitley a beatles fan. I actually went to a tribute show called, 'Rain' about a year ago that honoured the beatles; it was a lot of fun!-Sarah

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