Look: Feminine Grunge from Missguided

Dress | Blazer | Ankle Boots | Handbag | Bracelet | Skull Stud Earrings

I’m not very good with OOTD – simply because I have no proper reason to dress up nicely and I have no capacity of taking good enough pictures of what I wear. Most days I just wear skinny jeans and a jumper – nothing exciting really! Ever so rarely do I think an outfit is worth showing to any of you guys. But maybe that’ll change – who knows. But I do love looking at clothes and trolling my favourite online retailers, like Missguided.co.uk today…

Anyways, as I suck at OOTD, I thought I could create ‘Look’ posts instead.

And maybe learn from your feedback too. I’m not sure I would pair silver jewellery to this outfit. I wanted to go with a chunky golden studded wooden bracelet and no earrings, and then I realised that the beads on the halterneck and on the boots were silver-ish, so wouldn’t that mean that the jewellery needs to be silver-based too? What do you guys think?


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