Launch: Shiseido Future LX Ultimate Regenerating Serum

Yesterda marked the launch of the latest skincare product that Shiseido is offering its current and potential customer base. The new product will be part of the Shiseido’s popular Future LX range and is a serum called ‘Ultimate Regenerating Serum‘. It contains a product that is said to counter act aging.

In 2006 the Research & Development department of Shiseido – Japan’s biggest and one of the world’s oldest cosmetics brand – discovered a protein/enzyme (Serpin B3) in the skin that has been found to accelerate the aging process. Since the decovery and the subsequent ‘Honorary Mention’ award given by IFSCC (International Federation of Societies of Cosmetic Chemists) in the same year, Shiseido worked on creating a product (Skingenecell 1P) counteracting this accelerator of aging which is now infused into Shiseido’s latest serum.

Besides Skingenecell 1P it also contains extracts from natural ingredients such as star fruit, yeast, green tea, angelica root, etc. which have hydrating and firming attributes. And with its microcapsule technology the ingredients are brought to your skin highly consensed.

Rather than giving back to the skin the things its lost that lead to aging – like most skin serums do – Shiseido’s product attacks the issue in its roots. Rather than giving moisture back to dehydrated skin (dehydration being the number 1 reason for aged-looking skin), it hinders the skin’s protein to accelerate the aging process.

You will be able to buy the Ultimate Regeneting Serum on Shiseido counters in John Lewis, Selfridges, Debenhams and some selected House of Fraser as well as online from 1st October, 2011 for £250 for 30ml.

I love technology and I love that Shiseido is massively investing into the development and research of their products. I’m a bit skeptical though, like I always am – but especially with a price tag like that. They did get an award for it, but only an ‘Honorary Mention’ one – if it was groundbreaking, they would’ve gotten a better award. And I can understand the pricetag because of the R&D that went into this product, but it really needs to be a miracle product to justify those £250, right?

Would you spend £250 on 30ml?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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