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Win #1: After over 6 months I finally got to fly home to Germany for a week to see my family again and I was sooooooooooo excited!! It’s really difficult for me not to see my family – my parents are both over 60 so I don’t have the greatest amount of time left with them and then being abroad makes me miss out on so much (but then I know I would miss out on just as much if I was living in say Berlin or something). And my nieces are growing up so fast too – the littlest one is already 5 and she barely recognises me when she sees me.

Win #2: Speaking of barely recognising… I walk out of the arrival terminal, spot my parents with a lovely “welcome back”-balloon and show them my toothy grin and then just stare blankly back for about 1, 2, 3 seconds until *gasp* *shock* “oh that’s you, I didn’t recognise you!!” LOL my own parents didn’t recognise me haha. Bless them. BEST WELCOME BACK EVER ;-) Soooo funny!

Win #3: My oldest niece gave birth to the most beautiful baby boy named Elias, which makes my parents great-grandparents, my oldest brother a grandpa and myself a great-aunt :-) I can’t wait to meet the little guy!! Unfortunately I have to wait until late summer time till I can go and visit

Win #4: I’m FINALLY deregistered from Germany. Might mean little to you, but it’s a big deal for me. Technically, if you live abroad for more than 6 months (like I do for my studies), you have to deregister from Germany. BUT, if I deregister from Germany I lose my eligibility for student fundings for studying abroad. See the dilemma here? One bureau says I need to deregister because I live abroad and one bureau says I need to remain registered in Germany even though they know and fund me for studying (and subsequently living) abroad! Stooooooooooooopid! This year I’m not getting any more fundings so I could finally deregister! And THAT means I can now get my passport, ID card and stuff sorted at the German embassy in London in my own bloody time! WOOOOP!

Win #5: I got to see my old best friend from before I moved to the UK for the first time in like 3 or 4 years and also finally got to meet his beautiful daughter as well! So nice to see him again and hang out for a while. We both have changed massively, but it was nice to reconnect, even though we didn’t reminisce too much about past times haha

Considering these wins, I don’t even mind that I’m missing out a full week of lectures considering that I’m final year and my exams are coming sooner that I’d like and I shouldn’t be missing any lectures at all! But I’m winning like Charlie Sheen [at least this week, haha!]!

How was your week? Did you get up to much? Any victories achieved?


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2 Comments on “InstaWeek #4

  1. Stefanie Schaefer

    i write my comment in german ;)alsooo wie immer liebe liebe liebe ich instagram week ;)deine haare (auch wenn sich die farbformel geändert hat) sind grandios – ich finde sie wunderbar und perfekt :) die locken sind granate und ich find´s schön, dass du mal wieder in deutschland bist :)genieß die zeit mit der family – denn diese zeit ist sehr wertvoll :)daaaaann mag ich deinen nagellack – so habe ich es letzte woche auch getragen – nun finde ich aber meinen silbernen lack nicht mehr und muss diese woche auf den look verzichten ;)also auch von hier einen dicken kuss: KUUUUSSS und bis zum nächsten post :)


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