InstaWeek #3

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OPI Rainbow Connection | healthy dinner with Lodz | new iPhone case from Pip
pretty Orelie jewellery (*) | new New Look jumpers | Dorothy Perkins dress
OOTD Wednesday for job interview | Disco Pants | OOTD Thursday
NOTD Thursday (*) | February Favourites | Boots Spring/Summer event
Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora bronzer & highlighter (*) | shoes I bought thanks to Olivia | new fb page header thanks to Danielle
OOTD Friday | finally some live music | stunning heels
perfect glow | being a rebel | hair dying times

Monday: I had to travel back down to behated Birmingham, feeling worse with every mile between me and Lodz. 2 years of distance relationship is really starting to get to me.

Tuesday: Got to wear my new pretty, pretty jewellery that Orelie kindly sent me! It’s so cute! Had lots to do on Tuesday, but managed to buy new jumpers as I returned some other items to New Look haha

Wednesday: On the way to my interview I spotted the gorgeous Dorothy Perkins dress in the Stylist mag and really want to wear it for Pip & Matt‘s wedding, but it’s too expensive and way too long for a little girl like me (and with all that beading on the dress it will be expensive to have it altered). Interview went ok I thought, a bit weird to be back in corporate world. Went straight to London for the Boots Spring/Summer event with Pip and then onto the PixiGlow launch event where we ran into so many lovely people (Jayne, Sharmin, Sheenie, Anna, Leanne, Amrita – just to name a few — it was a love fest!!). I got to play with THE disco pants from American Apparel and laughed a lot looking like an idiot with them on. Got home at half 11. Total exhaustion

Thursday: Played with my new Litas and with the gorgeous stuff that Boots and Elizabeth Arden gave me. Keep your eyes peeled for those posts about the No7 Summer of Dreams collection and the Elizabeth Arden Rose Aurora collection!! Managed to sneak in a cheeky shoes purchase after I spotted those panther-heeled pumps from Urban Outfitters on Olivia‘s blog!!

Friday: I had a bit of a break down on Friday after sleeping really crap Tues/Weds, Weds/Thurs and Thurs/Fri. Woke up Friday morning crying ’cause I dreamt I had a car crash with my mum and she died and I was fine. That set the tone for the day (and subsequently for the weekend). Eventually I texted loads of people pleading with them to meet up with me so I could get out of the house and actually had a great time in the pub because I finally didn’t feel like a student because the average age was 30+ and they had a great random live band who happened to play all my favourite bands albeit the Foos and Muse.

Saturday/Sunday: Stayed in feeling sorry for myself. A lot. I just don’t really know where I’m going with my life and that’s really unsettling for me because I’ve been in control of where I was going for the last 17 years. I decided that I was going to study in the UK when I was 11 and pursued that until it finally happened. But because at the end of each uni year I didn’t know whether I was gonna come back due to finances, I never thought beyond uni and now I’m about to graduate in 3 months (and trust me, I can’t bloody wait to be out of education and away from the student life attitude!!) I feel so aimless. And then last night, it got topped off with my lovely laptop drama, which is why I’m doing this post so late. But it’s all better now! PHEW!

At least I know this week will be better because after 6 months I FINALLY get to see my family again!! My parents and Lodz split the bill for my flights (for some reason uni believe it’s ok to only allow for student holidays to fall onto main season holiday times which makes travel so incredibly affordable and REALLY accommodating for those students whose family don’t live in this country) and I have to miss a week of lecture but ah well – I GET TO SEE MY MUMMY AND DADDY AND MY BROTHER AND HIS WIFE AND MY BEAUTIFUL BEAUTIFUL NIECES :) So this week can only be good!

PS – even if you don’t have Instagram, you can still follow my pictures in the sidebar to the left as well as on webstagram! It’s a brilliant little site that allows you to comment even when you aren’t on Instagram :)

How was your week?


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6 Comments on “InstaWeek #3

  1. Stefanie Schaefer

    i LOVE instagram week :)))und man kann endlich die bilder zoomen – yehaaa :)also ich mag das healthy diner sehr, der schmuck ist gorgeous, die links/rechts socken sehr süß und ich freue mich so für dich, dass du mal wieder nach good old germany kommst :)dicken kuss – bitte weiter so — du weißt ich LIEBE instagram week!!!!

  2. Ms Bubu

    I love the Dotty P dress! I saw it in Stylist as well and since I have a ball next week I might go and see if it suits me… But because I'm short as well, I don't know how its going to turn out!


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