InstaWeek #1

iPhone 4 arrives | MUA Love Heart & others goodies * | LoveLabel Chiffon Playsuit *
Desperate Pint | new PJs needed | FOTD products (Thursday)
FOTD (Thursday) | OOTD (Thursday) | NOTD (Thursday – Orly Jealous, Much *)
Big Sexy Curls soon? | No :-( Heated Rollers Maybe? No :’( | Hope my hair will grow
FOTD (Saturday) | OOTD (Saturday) | New Shoes #1 (Primark)
New Shoes #2 (New Look) | NOTD (Saturday – FashionistA Magnetised Polishes *) | Hmmmm sweets!
New high-waisted shorts (Primark, with a shirt from Missguided *) | OCD attacking sweets | New Shoes #3 (New Look)
Valentine’s Card from Lodz | First attempt at ‘messy bun’

So last weekend I finally gave in after 4 years of vehemently fighting Apple, everything they do and everything they stand for (if you follow me on Twitter, you might’ve been victim of my Apple rants). Up until July 2010 I wasn’t even into smartphones, then I moved to BlackBerry (due to job) and was hooked (or brainwashed?) that BB is the be all and end all. I tried Android afterwards, but Android is crap if you don’t use it on a dual-core processor phone, which cost as much as the iPhone but dont give you the apps-ecosystem that iPhone has. So “what the heck” I thought, “I’ll get an iPhone”. Trust me, I felt like I was betraying myself (and Lodz who I talked into getting a BlackBerry when I got mine in July 2010), but I’m happy with my choice.

This week in itself was a bit of a rollercoaster.

On Monday I had major drama submitting coursework for a group assignment, I was in tears and everything. I had major trouble getting this contract for my iPhone (I have low credit rating because no one will give me a contract or credit card so that I can prove that I can keep my payments, but without proving that I can keep my payments, I can’t improve my credit rating). But I got invited to an assessment day for the graduate job that I really really want. Oh I think it was also this day that I accidentally deleted the ENTIRE folder of dozens of pictures of products for upcoming blogposts. Yeah, that was fun (aka lots of angry and abusive screaming and crying at my laptop). What a sh*te day Monday was.

Tuesday was brilliant as I got to go and see the upcoming Lipsy collection with Lauren and I got to find out that I had gotten 72% in my exam for the module I really wanted a first in and now I have it!! And I found out that my contract had been approved and that my iPhone had been shipped. All in all happy day – even when it was Valentine’s Day and Lodz & I couldn’t be together.

Wednesday & Thursday were rollercoaster days – which always translates into drama with people from uni. I think the only 2 positive things were the delivery of the iPhone & the go-ahead from Lodz that we’ll be moving to London in June/July.

Friday I attempted to get big curly hair first with Toni & Guy’s big curling tong, which turns out is too big for my hair – so I returned that thing to Boots. Then I remembered I had Nicky Clarke heated rollers that I bought over a year ago when my hair was WAAY to short. But now my hair is long enough for that, but I have too much hair so that the rollers aren’t enough :s I would have to get another set. Uncool. BUT I found out I had gotten 65% in a piece of coursework I didn’t really have no clue about so that’s a win!

On Saturday I ended up shopping after meeting a friend I worked with last year for like 10 min (we couldn’t find each other at first LOL). I spent way too much money so I’m gonna return plenty of items tomorrow (I always feel sooo good after buying stuff, but then later reality hits and I remember that I need to keep my £££ together for London, so I have to be really critical and return like almost everything LOL). But I’m definitely keeping those green high-waisted shorts and them Chelsea boots even though they are slightly too big! Shame really that the zip-up wedge boots are too big – even in a 4. But at least I launched my new blog design (it was about damn time! LOL)

And today I had the longest lie-in in the history of the world. Got up at 12.45pm. Yup. I might as well sleep while I can, right?

How was your week? Do you have these kind of rollercoaster weeks too where you just feel like you going from screaming from happiness to screaming from anger and disappointment and crying?

PS – sorry for the picture overload. Next Sunday I will be more selective LOL


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7 Comments on “InstaWeek #1

  1. Jayne

    Yeay for Instagram, one of the best apps ever, you should check out DecoPic too for some super cute Japanese style photobooth fun. I LOVE that cherry printed playsuit, it's amazing!

  2. Lauren

    Reckon the heated rollers would be good for my hair? Been thinking about investing in some but not sure. I definitely also need to try doing my hair in a messy bun like that, is that with a bun thing (I'm assuming you know what I mean!) xxx


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