I love You All [AKA #LDNBloggerMeet]


I love the blogging community. Even with all its occasional drama, bitchiness and competition. I love it. Unconditionally. Because it’s given me experiences in my life that I never thought possible (like meeting a British Gold Medallist) and people in my life that get my obsession with fashion and beauty in a way that I could never share with ‘normal’ people. Surely that’s the best perk of blogging, right? I love y’all.

So when I then get to meet some of these amazing people – ‘cause let’s be honest, most of us only really meet on Twitter – it’s the best thing ever. When I heard that Emma from The Daisy Chain was organising a blogger meet-up in London, I had to be there and I dragged my Lodz along too for showing-off purposes (LOL).

It was such a fun afternoon, getting to know the girls, hearing first hand what and why they swear by when it comes to their skin or hair care, etc.

And as silly as it sounds, I do think now of a few of these girls as friends. Because, well, let’s just say things escalated got adventurous and you know how they say shared experiences bond, right? ;)

Nicola and I trying to do a freeze-frame shot (and miserably failing at it ’cause I can’t jump for shit!)

Have you guys ever been to a blogger meet-up? Did you meet people who you ended up really becoming friends with? What’s your favourite part of blogging?


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8 Comments on “I love You All [AKA #LDNBloggerMeet]

  1. Aysh

    Awww lovely jubbly post this is! I heart my blogger friends so much! Can't wait for the next one…& permission to attempt another freeze frame jump shot please, this time with moi in it ;)Aysh xoxo


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