How To: Find Clothes That Fit, EVERY TIME

Normally my bum & hips force me to buy a size 8 or 10 at Primark when it comes to trousers, so if I shop at a different store, that will obviously be the size I reach for there because that should be the size that fits me. Logic forces me to think that a size 10 is the same in every store. But the other day I picked up a size 10 at H&M and it was too big, so I thought size 8 should fit me then. But since I couldn’t find the trousers I wanted in an 8 and desperately wanted these trousers I picked up the 6 immediately thinking “I will never fit my bum into those” – and yet I did, without any problems!! Why is that?! It’s not like I suddenly lose a stone in weight going from Primark to H&M (I wish LOL I’d definitely cope with being at Primark a lot better haha!). Us girls obviously know the answer: a size 10 isnt always a size 10.

Blokes don’t have this problem. They pick up a 40R jacket at H&M and if it fits, they know that a 40R jacket in Topshop will most likely fit them too. Dependent a bit on the cut of course. But for us girls, just because we fit into a size 8 at H&M doesn’t mean we’ll fit into the size 8 from Topshop. That means often we need to pick up 2-3 different sizes of the same item to find the one that’s a good fit. Hello effort! And how shit do we feel when it’s a size that’s a higher number than we normally fit in to? But also how awesome do we feel when it’s a size smaller than we normally wear! Hello shopping rollercoaster! Not to think of the issues we face when doing online shopping (as if the model’s height and what size she wears is in any way helpful – of course she’s 5ft9 and wears size 8 – that’s model size requirements after all and how many of us can say they have model proportions?!).

But there is a silver lining on the horizon now! A lovely geeky fashionista namely Anna who had enough of the sizing malarkey has created a brilliant free online tool for us women folk to always find clothes that fit! “Maria, what is this magic that you speakest of?” I hear you ask! “No magic,” I say. All you need is to know your measurements (bust, waist, hips) and a little bit of time.

So go grab a measuring tape and get into your birthday suit and get measuring at the widest points of your boobs and hips and narrowest part of your waist. Note the results down on a piece of paper. Now click on the image above, that’ll take you to Anna‘s brilliant invention. Toggle the sliders to your measurements and on the right it will already tell you which sizes from what retailer will fit you! How awesome is that?! And below that you can see some more retailers including some high street ones (ASOS, New Look, Dorothy Perkins, Zara, etc) that Anna took the official measurement information from and fed it into the sizing tool!

But of course there being a million and two retailers out there it’s impossible for Anna to build all of those into that tool, and I think that’s more than fair enough. But there’s something you can do here too.

Still got that piece of paper where you noted down your measurements? Why not note down what Anna‘s tool says what sizes you are in which of the retailers she’s listed? And, and here’s where you need that bit of time that I mentioned earlier, why not go onto your favourite retailers’ websites and look at their size guides and find what sizes you fit in there? Note it all down. AND THEN PUT THAT PIECE OF PAPER IN YOUR WALLET! That way, whenever you go shopping you don’t waste your time with wondering whether something will fit or with trying million different sizes of the same item on.

And THAT’S how you find clothes that fit, EVERY TIME. :-)


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5 Comments on “How To: Find Clothes That Fit, EVERY TIME

  1. MakeupbyNix

    Thanks so much for this post Maria – so helpful!! I have an absolute nightmare shopping for clothes as I'm bigger on top. Generally I struggle to fit my bust into a dress, and it's loose on the waist/hips. Shopping online is a nightmare unless I'm shopping just for trousers. This tool will be great, I'm sure.

  2. missy_ellie_uk

    This is a great tool and explains a lot about why clothes often don't fit me…I tend to go above the line for a size on the bust and hip measurements and below it for waist.


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