Here’s the dress you voted me to buy!

About a week ago I asked you to help me choose a dress for my niece’s wedding, which is this coming weekend in Austria. And I totally listened. You all kindly left your opinions behind, even my best mate texted me his choices haha!

So I added things up and ordered the dress you wanted me to wear! And here it is!

£49 + p&p from TopShop

I love the dress. It brings out my figure of which I’m very proud and it keeps my boobs in place so I won’t be pulling up my dress constantly. However, I do think it’s a tad short for a wedding. I’m not a bridesmaid or anything, but still – I think it’s too short.

What do you think?

I bought a back-up dress now that I could either wear for the wedding instead of this yellow dress or wear it for my man’s graduation ball in case the dress I ordered doesn’t fit.

Jane Norman – £70

I actually tried this on in the shop and loved it, but it was too big and they didnt have it in a smaller size so I actually went on the website on my phone, checked if it was available in my size and bought it on my phone while I was still chatting to the sales assistant in the shop! I have never done that, but the dress was stunning, so I had to have it!!

I’ll post a picture when the dress is here.

Much love and thank you guys again so so much for your help!!

Miss drifted Snow White


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9 Comments on “Here’s the dress you voted me to buy!

  1. Nicolthepickle

    You could get/make/vintage-store-find a slip or a skirt that is about 2/3 inches longer than that and wear it underneath kind of ruffled. I would pick a satin-y or dainty eyelet material. I think the dress is either too short or it's too bare on the top. For me the best is one or the other, not both. So maybe a teeny sweater would balance it out.I would love to see a picture of you in the blue dress to compare the two. I like the blue on just a little better.

  2. Christina Marie

    I really like it! Deffo suits your figure! It's not TOO short but if you feel self concious you could wear tights or something? x

  3. Strawbry_Blonde

    I think the blue one would be perfect for the wedding. Could you get away with the yellow one for the ball? 


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