Haul: Sonia Kashuk

Hi everyone!

Yes I hauled again!! But this time I don’t have to pay for it! Lemme tell you why::

My friend Svenja who is from Germany lived in Chicago for the last 3 months for an internship and she just got back to Germany before Christmas. And she’ll be emigrating to the UK at the end of January. She’ll be living with me for free until she got a job & place. Well, once she has a job but no place, I’ll ask her for some contribution to the rent (she’ll have to pay her share of bills anyways).

Anyways, as return of that future favor I asked her to get me a couple of Sonia Kashuk brushes as I heard many good things about them. They are only available in the US, so her being there was a perfect opportunity.

She got me the following brushes:

medium fluffy eye shadow brush

smudge eye shadow brush
foundation brush

bent eye liner brush

synthetic concealer brush

Find out more in the video below:

Thanks for watching & reading and subscribing! I can’t believe how many people have subbed to my blog, channel, twitter, etc. Crazy to think I only started like 7 weeks ago!! Thanks so much!!
Much love,


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1 Comment on “Haul: Sonia Kashuk

  1. Unknown

    I wanted to share this with you. I came across Sonia Kashuk UK so I thought it's worth mentioning. Prices seems a little high but include FREE UK delivery and the International rates are reasonable. So far this is the only option to get Sonia Kashuk outside USA i think.RegardsJenny


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