Haul: New Look & Primark

1: Forest Green High-Waisted Jeans Shorts (Primark) | 2: Oversized Peach/Nude Cardigan (Primark) | 3: Long-Sleeved Coral Chiffon & Lace Blouse (Primark) | 4: Black Chelsea Boots (New Look) | 5: Sleeveless Scalloped Neckline Shirt (Primark)

I did it again! I hauled! Grrr! I keep telling myself (and anyone who will listen) how Lodz & I are moving to Greater London in June/July and how we both haven’t saved up any money to actually afford doing this. I should be saving my pennies left, right and centre but I just can’t help myself! Ahhhh! Bad Maria, BAD MARIA!

Anyho, these are the items I accumulated over the past 2 weeks – as always Primark features heavily (at least I’m being relatively sensible with my spending, right?!). I’ve fallen in love with those heeled Chelsea boots from New Look (which are already sold out and are in a size too big for me) – I wear them every day.

And you’ve seen the cardi, green high-waisted jeans shorts and coral scalloped neckline top featured in my OOTD here.

I really need help. I need to stop spending money like this. I need to be better. I really want to move to London and I don’t want to be the reason why we might be struggling extra much in the first months!

Do you have any tips on how to stop spending money and be good instead?


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8 Comments on “Haul: New Look & Primark

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      Thank you hunni!! I really need to stop spending so much money though :( I keep buying stuff, returning half of it, but keeping some as well and that always adds up :(Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog btw ♥

  1. Ms Bubu

    Hello Maria. After not spending so much in February, I think I'm going to spend more in March, to celebrate a few milestones… If you;re coming to London this summer this means I'll bump into you more often at events :)I'm also loving Primark at the moment, I used to hate that store, but I warmed up to it.

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      I can't wait to move to London in the summer!! But I need to save up money and need to sell a lot of my stuff to be able to afford it all :s it's gonna be a few tough months ahead.I love Primark, its just the customers and atmosphere in there that does my head in – but that's the price you pay I guess for getting cheap clothes haha xxxx

    2. Ms Bubu

      Yes I know! People drive me crazy! But I go to the Wood Green one now, less people, and way more organized! But they don't have everything though :(

    1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

      Yeah I do a lot of online shopping. Most of my Primark purchases happen when I return other items from previous purchases :s Not good. Also I need to block online shops from my internet – I spend way too much time & money on there… Way too tempting :s


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