Haul: New Look Post-Xmas Sale II

Good evening everyone!

This is my last post for tonight! I’m coming with a video about the items that I hauled from New Look during their Post-Xmas sale. The last time I filmed the items I’m keeping, but this time I’m showing you the items that I’ll be returning and explain why.

Just see the video below.

Here’s the list of items and their original prices and what I paid for it:
- Red Bag: “Zita Mini Satchel” RRP £8 – Discount £4
- Burgundy Cut-Out Tie shoes: “Vicar” RRP £22.99 – Discount £12
- Black Tie shoes: “Logana” RRP £22.99 – Discount £12
- Stockings: RRP £3.99 – Discount £1.50
- Strappy Silvery shoes: “Bonanza” RRP £17.99 – Discount £10
- One Shoulder Top: RRP £21.99 – Discount £7
- Hat: “Crochet Cotton Beanie” RRP £7 – Discount £3.50
- Butterfly Headband: RRP £4 – Discount £2
- Gloves: RRP £12.99 – Discount £6
- Tights: RRP £3.95

Hope you liked this video too! 
Much love,


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