Haul: Anna Dello Russo x H&M Collection

Haul Anna della Russo x HM 01

I have been soooo excited about the launch of the Anna Dello Russo x H&M collection – like a little girl on Christmas Eve. And then like a right idiot, I of course completely forgot about the launch on its D-Day (despite numerous reminders in my phone! – like I said, like an idiot).

So when I saw most of the collection still available on Friday I could not resist. Well I could, but very barely. Because I wanted so much more than just the items I bought. A LOT more. Because everything is just absolutely up my street.

I think that’s because I’m probably as bonkers as Anna Dello Russo herself. Actually, forget that. No one is as mental as her. But that’s why I love her and her collection.

Haul Anna della Russo x HM 04

I spent what felt like hours looking at the individual pieces – I knew I had to be selective, because well, I’m kinda broke. I knew this would rip a right hole into my Lodz’s wallet. So, £70 later and high on impulse buying euphoria, I was proud owner of a necklace (£30), a bracelet (£25) and a pair of earrings (£15).

Haul Anna della Russo x HM 06Haul Anna della Russo x HM 09Haul Anna della Russo x HM 07

I was tempted by so many more things: the hard-shell clutch bag, but it cost £60, for example. Don’t think Lodz would’ve been impressed with my buying that!

But besides the pieces themselves being beautiful, I also love the packaging – at least those boxes you get for the bracelets, earrings and sunglasses, ‘cause they’re beautifully decorated with elaborate gold baroque patterns and multifunctional. They’re little drawer boxes, so you can store other stuff in it – I will relocate my earrings into one box and something else into the other.

Haul Anna della Russo x HM 03

Isn’t that gorgeous? I kinda wanna go and buy more, just because of the packaging. But that’d be crazy right? RIGHT? LOL. Maybe I just won’t care about being crazy hehe.

Of course I had to take my earrings out for a test drive as soon as I got the chance at the London Blogger Meet, that Emma from The Daisy Chain organised.


Did you buy anything from the
Anna della Russo x H&M collection?


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14 Comments on “Haul: Anna Dello Russo x H&M Collection

  1. Anonymous

    ich hätte mir ja gern diese lederstiefel geschnappt…aber bei über 200 eur war ich mal vernünftig und hab gepasst lol! Svenja

  2. Miss drifted Snow Wh

    hey maitha, i use a canon eos 1000d dslr with a 50mm f1.8 canon prime lens if it helps.but just having that kind of equipment doesn't automatically mean great pictures – it takes me 10-20 shots with different settings to get 1 great picture :(


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