Giveaway: MAC & ELF [closed]

Hi everyone!!

As I promised in December I am now hosting my first giveaway for having reached 25+ subscribers here on my blog (plus 17 on my channel). So I’m hosting it now!!

First of all, THANK YOU SO SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR COMMENTS AND SUPPORT! I can’t believe I only started this in November and already have made so many friends!! I love any comments, your participation & feedback make me soo happy!!

Sooo you guys definitely deserve a great giveaway!!!

There’s going to be TWO winners and this is what you can win:

  • ELF Daily Brush Cleaner
  • ELF Cream Eyeliner in Black
  • ELF Lip Lock Pencil
  • MAC Paint Pot in Coral Crepe (Limited Edition)
  • MAC Pigment in Mutiny (LE)
  • MAC Chromeglass in Metaphysical (LE)

These items are worth £53 but I think for some there’ll be some sort of “collectors”-value too, since some of those items have been discontinued or limited editions!!

To give everyone the same chance of getting products that you want, I’m going to blindly pick the 3 items for the first winner and the other 3 will go to the 2nd winner! How about that?! :-)

Both winners will be determined with the help of! All you have to do is follow these rules:


  1. You need to be subscriber to my blog and/or my youtube channel
  2. You need to comment on this post
  3. In that comment you need let me know that you want to be entered and include the following:
    1. the username(s) that you are subscribed to my blog and/or channel with
    2. your email address, so I can contact you if you win
    3. what you’d like to see more on my blog and/or my channel
    4. tweeted about my giveaway for an extra entry (make sure to include “@msdriftedsw”), please also leave a link to your tweet
    5. blog about my giveaway for an extra entry, please also leave a link to your blogpost.

You can enter until February 1, 2011 23:59 GMT and I will choose a winner on February 2, 2011!! It’s open internationally!

 Good luck everyone!! Spread the word!!

Much love,


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191 Comments on “Giveaway: MAC & ELF [closed]

  1. white-lotusflower

    Great giveaway!!I don´t have Youtube account, I can enter just following your blog?I own a blog, too, I started it in november, too!! Check it out!! I hope you like it :)

  2. jadlgw

    Hi, can you enter me into your lovely giveaway. I already follow your blog as Jude Dunn. I have tweeted on twitter about the giveaway. I do not have a youtube account so don't follow you on there and you already follow my blog too. I really enjoy all of your make up reviews on the blog so would be very happy to see more of them Good luck with your first giveaway, the prizes you are offering are fab xxxxx @jadlgw on twitter xxxx

  3. xAgnes

    Congrats on your first giveaway! :Di am a follower on both your blog (xagnes) and youtube channel (bebexangel) :)i already love what you're doing on your channel – tutorials and hauls! but im always up for more! especially tutorials since i suck at eyeshadow application lol :)i tweeted :) <a href="!/PinkboxMakeup/status/22597443719790593!/PinkboxMakeup/status/225974… />and linked in sidebar :)http://pinkboxmakeup.blogspot.comthanks for having this! hope you had a great new years! :D [email protected]

  4. DalaLuz

    Please enter me in your lovely Give Away! I follow you on GFC and twitter as DalaLuz and tweeted about your contest: <a href="… />On YT I follow you as LaLaLoes67I am always a big fan of tutorials and nifty tips and tricks, and DIY. Furthermore I enjoy brutal face-offs of two similar products :-) such as high end vs budget, as I find them very educational.

  5. thefashionfreak

    Heelllooo ;)Beautiful giveaway! Would love love LOVE to win the mac paint pot!!am following your blog through GFC as thefashionfreak and am following you on YT as ClaireWaterworth. My email address is claire(dot)waterworth(at)hotmail(dot)com :) I'd love to see some more reviews and quick posts on good products you've started using maybe?I'm following your blog and YT and I tweeted about the giveaway!Love, Claire x

  6. muloove

    I would LOVE to be entered into your amazing & GREAT giveaway! Amazing prizes! Thank you soo much!!!I am a subscriber to your blog with GFC under the name Cassondra Law.I am a subscriber to your youtube under the name MakeupMama17.While reading your blog, I'd like to see more colorful looks. I see a ton of beautiful natural or smoky eyes that I do LOVE!!! But I also love colorful makeup to get me more in the "mood" for tossing makeup on in the morning!! =] I tweeted about your giveaway with twitter name: sondramama.!/[email protected]

  7. Madiha

    Enter me :)GFC Name: MadihaYoutube username: Deeya11I tweeted about your giveaway!/diya7687/status/22925982348353538I linked your giveaway in my sidebar

  8. Cheryl

    Hi there! love the giveaway. Please enter me – I'm hoping my luck's better this year!I follow your blog via GFC as Cheryl.My email address is: [email protected] would love to see reviews of Indie make-up companies with shops on!Thanks for the opportunity! Good luck everyone :)

  9. MissJodieElizabeth

    this is a fantastic giveaway … right … where to start lol I have tweeted about it:Twitter:- JodieElizabethB I am a follower of you on twitter, your blog (MissJodieElizabeth) and your YT (MissJodieElizabeth) I have blogged about it on my blogpage (not sure if that counts?)… My email is [email protected] I like reviews of products but I also like hauls and makeup looks :) so I like seeing them on blogs I know you do both so .. sorry for not being helpful with this hehe but keep doing what your doing :) makeup collection videos/ blogs I like if you done it in a series IDK like nailpolishes, skincare, ect. right … i think i have done all i need to do now lol thanks for a great giveaway be sure to enter mine :P:);) HugglesJodie

  10. Maria

    Oh, great giveaway! Plese enter me! I'm on GFC under Maria. I love, love, love look posts – so those are definitely what I like to see. Tweeted @FalsieloveThanks! Maria

  11. westerneyes11

    Hi, enter me,please!follower via GFC as westerneyes11mail: westerneyes11 at hotmail dot comI want to see in your blog more reviews!/Amaiatxu26/status/24029152134828032thanks!

  12. hueleacoco

    Hi!! enter me, please!!I follow:-your blog as hueleacoco-your youtube channel as ococaeleuh -your fb page as Elena MesaMy mail is hueleacoco @ hotmail.comI would like to see in your blog more reviews and tutorialsThanks a lot!XX

  13. liz

    Gosh ! I am so excited with this giveaway. I would like to participate in it.Anw i am totally follower through Google Friend Connect name liz.Here I spread words about your giveaway in my blog : <a href="… />I twit here… I want to see lots of tutorial about make up :) It is inspiration for me :)Much Thankies for the chance dearGood luck for me and everyone :)liz_crowny(at)yahoo(dot)com

  14. MakeupMandiTX

    Holy crap! I can't believe I'm only just now commenting on this! I've retweeted it a bazillion times. Blog: mandismaddness.blogspot.comUsername: MakeupmandiTXTwitter name: MakeupmandiTXYoutube name: Makeupmanditx01I love what you've put on here so far. I'd love to see more reviews on products exclusive to the UK & Europe. Being stuck here in Texas, I'm fairly unfamiliar with those.

  15. Kat

    How awesome! I would love to be entered! ;)my username; Katemail: katch05 at gmail dot comI would love to see more of your hauls! katch05 at gmail dot com

  16. rikitaun1

    Thanks for the giveaway! :PPlease, enter me.Name: MariaGFC name: Arquiplus (I appear like rikitaun1 from liveJournal)e-mail: arquiplusdiez[at]yahoo[dot]escountry: Spain

  17. suzie

    Great giveaway, enter me please!I follow you as suzieI posted your giiveaway in my sidebar zsuzsmuzs(at)gmail.comI would like to see more haul posts :)xoxoSuzie

  18. Evinde

    I follow you as Evinde (GFC & youtube)I wanna see more tutorials pretty please :)Email: giveaway is also on my beauty blog's

  19. ligata

    Great giveaway! Please enter me!my username is ligata and I am following you via gfc.I really like the tutorials you are posting…really helpful! May be you could show some nail tricks!vena.nedkova at gmail dot com

  20. Brittany Love

    Hey Sweetie! Aww, what a truly stunning Giveaway! Thank you so much for thinking of us! :)I'm a follower of your blog: Brittany LoveI have subcribed to you Youtibe channel: brittanylovexIn regards to what I would like to see more of: Definitely some more lipstick swatches/comparisons. I'm like, obsessed with lipsticks, so that would be wonderful! :)My blog (with your Giveaway linked in my side bar) is:http://brittanylovex.blogspot.comMy email address is: [email protected] you again!Love Britt xxx

  21. Yen

    Please enter me!I wanna read more makeup tutorials and hauls off this blog. And of course swatches. :))Followed you on your blog:username: Yen RoblesEmail: blue_mockingbird at yahoo dot com

  22. Erika Louise

    enter me please! o/great giveaway! loved it!username: Erika Louisee.mail: [email protected] would like to see more about mac lipsticks. i wnat to know more about how do they look on the lips 'couse i wanna by some, but i don't know wich ones yet. can't decide. thanks!

  23. twinklenic

    hi please enter me :) i follow your blog on google friend …twinklenic or niccicowdell i am also tweeting @twinklenicci , your giveawaymy email is [email protected] like to see more about products for problem skin , especially psoriasis :)i dont know how to link my twitter update but it should show in ur timeline or mentions as i tagged u in it x

  24. Ria

    Count me in!I follow you here as Ria via GFC, on yt as MsRiaaa and my email is freeeedz at yahoo dot comI'd love to see some tutorials and hauls!Thanks for this!x

  25. killou.killou

    hellowhat a great giveaway :p enter me please!!I am a follower via gfcemail killou.killou(at)laposte(dot)netI love product reviews, swatches; giveaways, tutorials, I wouls like mor of all that lol

  26. Lu

    Hi!Enter me please! I'm a follower via GFC (Lu) and Youtube subscriber (Lucianittaaa)I'd like to see product reviews!I tweeted about your giveaway[@]sapo[.]pt

  27. Khaori Sato

    I want to enter your giveaway!I would love to see your blog more reviews!!By the way,I followed your blog tru GFC.(Khaori Sato)I subscribed your YouTube.(khaoriichigo)I tweeted your giveaway. <a href="http://(<br />I posted your giveaway on blog sidebar. <a href="http://(<br />email add: [email protected] you so much! xoxo

  28. Nisa

    I follow you by the name sareenaand your youtube channel by sareena.pacificblueand my email id is sareena(dot)pacificblue(at)gmail(dot)comAlso i tweeted about this!/sareenarazak/status/31060171719442433Please enter me :)

  29. Mira

    I want to be entered in this giveaway please.My youtube username : MissMirayaemail : [email protected] would like to see more stars make-up tutorials please.I follow you via twitter as @Ashihana and tweeted <a href="!/Ashihana/status/31670090969653248!/Ashihana/status/31670090969… />My blog post about this giveaway : <a href="… />Thnx for this giveaway!May god bless you~

  30. Angela Van

    Thank you for your giveaway!I would definitely like to be entered so, enter me!Entry 1. I am subscribed to your blog via GFC as Angela Van. I subscribed to your youtube channel as angeeela.Entry 2. I am following you via twitter as van_angela. I tweeted about your giveaway as well. My twitter: <a href="!/van_angela!/van_angela<br />My e-mail address is [email protected] would like to see more hauls and drugstore favorites :).

  31. makeuplover72

    Great giveaway!! (:Im subscribed to your blog as makeuplover72I subscribed to your youtube channel as Makeuplover72 and add you as a friend! (:I talk about your contast in my Twitter : @makeup_lover72 Hope you like it (: xoxo

  32. samelike

    Hi! Great giveaway!Enter me please!I'm a follower of your blog: samelikeMy email: samelike(at)freemail(dot)huI would like to see more and more make up tutorial!!!! Thank you and have a nice day :)))

  33. anna

    Hi, can you enter me into your lovely giveaway. I already follow your blog as anna. my e-mail: annax_trt[at]yahoo[dot]com and on the facebook I am Coptil Ana-MariaGood luck!!


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