Gifts for Father’s Day: Manatomicals

Guest Post, written by Lodz from The Blogging Bloke

Well, it’s Father’s Day soon, and some of you may have forgotten to get your dad anything. If you’re reading this, health and beauty products are probably close to the top of your list when it comes to gift ideas. Guys, you know as well as I do that you can’t buy your dad the same stuff you use. Firstly he has different skin concerns to you. Secondly, he may nick it when he comes round yours. Girls, trying to work out what is going to suit a man can be a bit of a pain.

So when you’re in Boots (or, if you’re posh and southern, Waitrose), the range from Manatomicals may well catch your eye.

The packs look great, with black, yellow and blue the key colours, and all come with a witty strapline on the front. The two products I was provided for review were ‘Are You Looking To Get Picked Up’ Energy hair/body wash, and ‘Avoid The Morning Rash Hour’ after shave balm.

Manatomicals Energy Hair-Body Wash
The first thing to say about the shower gel is that it comes in a pump dispenser. This is amazing. Easy dosing, no mess, simple. The second is that this contains no parabens (same goes for the rest of the range) and no SLS/SLES. For a £3 product this is very impressive. The product is minty fresh and lathers surprisingly well, and certainly feels ‘energising’. It’s not as minty as the Original Source products, which if you’ve ever applied those products to your Gentleman’s Veg, you’ll know that less minty is GOOD.

An unobtrusive fragrance and good cleansing, I will certainly pick up a bottle of the ‘Young, Free and Tingle’ body wash to give a try, especially as my skin is liking the SLS and paraben free approach.

I also gave the shave balm a try, and I was fairly pleased. At £4 for 100ml, I expected very little. What I got was a solid post-shave balm that absorbs easily and moisturises well. I’m not in love with this though. First issue – bottle/viscosity issue. If you are going to make a light, thin balm, stop putting it in top-down bottles. The stuff just pisses everywhere unless you’re careful. If you must use the top down bottle, up the viscosity. Bulldog’s aftershave balm is perfect for this. Top down, thick enough to not run out when you open. Take note. Manatomicals are by no means the only culprit, so it’s a general point.

Manatomicals After Shave Balm
Secondly, this left me feeling a little shiny and almost greasy. Compared to ‘The Cool Fix’, my usual post shave product, though it sooths and absorbs just as well, after a little while I start to feel a tad oily, annoying as I have combination skin. I don’t think I will buy this again, but I will still continue to use it, especially in winter as my skin dries out, and I need a slightly more intense moisture from my post-shave.

Overall, I think no matter what the occasion, Manatomicals is a solid range, both for personal use and for gifting. Well priced and good quality, I am particularly impressed by the shower gel. For a smidge over a tenner you can pick up body wash, shave gel and after shave balm (or face wash), and the pithy lines on the packs will spark some good natured banter, and make sure when her indoors is on the warpath, the man of the house can escape to the bathroom and not be short of something to read.

For Father’s Day, Waitrose are including Manatomicals in their 3 for 2 range, so you can afford to be generous and throw in a bottle of wine into the bargain. (I suggest Naked Grape Riesling for white, Louis Latour red Burgundy for red).

Much Love,


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