Genius: Les Petits Cadeaux Blog listing Blog Giveaways!

Do you find yourself going “Oh crap, I wish I had known about this giveaway, I would’ve loved to win this prize!” a lot when you see all those lovely “The winner is….” posts announcing the lucky ones that spotted the giveaway while it was going on and entered on time? Well, I certainly have these moments a lot. So when I found out that the lovely Liloo from Le Petit Jardin de Liloo started the following website, I shrieked and squealed in excitement in awe of her genius!

Les Petits Cadeaux, which translates into “The little presents”, blogs once a week on Mondays announcing all the current and newly launched giveaways with all the information, links and rules you need to know.

If you are running a giveaway on your blog, you can drop Liloo an email (needs to be in by Sundays 5pm, so that the info is included in the Monday post) and it will be listed.

And if you want to know what giveaways are currently going on, you can subscribe to the blog via RSS feed and Google Friend Connect but most conveniently – via email. Once a week on Mondays you’ll get an email listing all giveaways! It doesn’t get more convenient than that!

If you wanna get a chance to enter more giveaways or if you wanna promote your giveaway, go check out Les Petits Cadeaux! And don’t forget to check out Liloo’s makeup blog Le Petit Jardin de Liloo as well!


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