Follow Friday Interview: Stephanie Dreams

Welcome back to the latest edition of the Follow Friday Interview Series! Two weeks ago I interviewed the lovely Lauren from Laurenella, which you guys seemed to really enjoy!

Today I’m introducing you to the lovely Stephanie from Stephanie Dreams – she blogs about anything really, but again, mostly focuses on style and beauty, like so many awesome bloggers out there. I really love her blog – she’s got such a unique style and she’s a really genuine sweetheart…


Name: Steph :)
: @stephdreamsblog
Height: 5ft 11″
Size: 14-16

How long have you been blogging?
It will be 3 years in December

How many subscribers (across all media incl Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc) do you have right now?
I have no idea (hangs head in shame) my twitter & GFC have around 1500 followers each…roughly.

What do you blog most about (outfit posts? trends? lust-lists? etc)?
My blog is mainly a style diary, I love reading these as much as writing them. I mix in a little beauty & fashion too.

How did you come up with your blog’s name?
I actually changed my name last year. Previously “Topshop Princess” and although I felt sad to let it go I’m in love with what my blog has now become. I wanted my name in it as I thought it would be easier to stand the test of time (and me changing what I want to write about)

What’s your favourite part about blogging?
The people you get to talk to & meet. I’ve met some utterly amazing girls through blogging and feel so happy to be able to call some my friends.

How do you take your outfit pictures?
Dear Boyfriend, usually. However I’m getting used to my tripod more now.

What equipment (camera, etc) do you use?
I have two cameras, a Lumix tz19 and a Nikon d5100 with two lenses. I also have a tripod, flashgun & remote for that camera.

Do you post-edit your pictures?
A little, the basic crop and adjusting the lighting to suit my likes of a photograph.

Have you ever been invited to any blogging events? If yes, which one was your favorite?
I’ve been lucky enough to attend a few. “back in the day” Aussie parties were beyond immense.

What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
Ah! Such a hard question….I love my riding pants as they can be dressed up or down so easily and I can’t stop wearing them at the moment.

What’s your must-have accessory this season?
I’m a huge lover of gold & spikes/studs! Anything that involves this & we’re good to go.

What fashion brands do you swear by?
I’m not a huge fashion follower, I don’t own anything designer and my blog is very high street based. For shops though, I adore Topshop & Newlook.

Who are your favorite bloggers?
So so many…. Llymlrs, Zoella and Sweet Monday to name a few.

What’s your pet hate?
People who can’t spell properly when on Facebook, or put “lol” after everything! Is it really that funny though, really?!?

What’s your vice?
Spending too much money!

What makes you subscribe to a blog?
Good photos, something I’ll enjoy reading on a weekly basis, some one who looks like they have a blog with personality.

How do you think your blog stands out from the other blogs?
I’m really not sure it does. I blog about the things I like to blog about, I get inspired by others I read. I just enjoy it & try and make it as “me” as possible- and there’s only one of me.

Whose style do you admire (celebrity, fashion blogger, etc)?
I love Kate Middleton, she’s such a beaut and dresses so well. I love just random people I see in the street or in magazines, that’s where I get a lot of my inspiration, for style, from.

How would other people describe you using only 5 adjectives?
Friendly, cheerful, in-decisive, eager, energetic

What is your go-to fashion magazine?
Company & Look

What food can you not stay away from?
Cheese on toast- get in my belly

What do you prefer: online shopping or shopping in stores?
Shopping in store, I hate paying the delivery fees and not knowing what something actually looks or feels like.

Is there something you wanna share that you haven’t shared before?
Just…. Thank you for interviewing me & hello to all your readers :)

Please go and check out Steph’s blog, it’s so beautiful and she’s definitely worth your time!!!

Who would you like me to interview next?
Let me know!!!


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