Follow Friday Interview Series: Media Marmalade

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend!

To kick off this lovely weekend, I’m publishing another edition of the Follow Friday Interview Series, this time featuring yet another beautifully unique style & fashion blogger: Melissa from Media Marmalade!


Name: Melissa (aka mediamarmalade)
Age: 24 (as of the 18th)
Twitter: @mediamarmalade
Height: 5ft5
Size: 8

How long have you been blogging?
In the grand scheme of blogging, I’ve not really been involved in the blogging world all that long. I started my blog at the very end of October 2011, so almost 6 months now. Although, since day 1 I’ve been utterly addicted and I’ve not missed a day yet. I genuinely love blogging, and can’t believe I waited so long to get involved.  I’ve become totally transfixed and inspired by the whole blogging world, I can’t imagine my life without mediamarmalade.

How many subscribers (across all media incl Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc) do you have right now?
I currently have 1,103 followers on Twitter,  555 followers via GFC, 201 on Bloglovin, 90 on Hello Cotton, 101 on WIWT, I’m also on Lookbook and Chictopia. I find my blog is growing substantially every day, and as much as people say it, it really is true, I am so grateful for every new reader / follower / comment-er I get. It makes it all feel all the more worthwhile knowing people are enjoying what I write about.

What do you blog most about (outfit posts? trends? lust-lists? etc)?
My blog is 90% focussed around style & outfit posts currently, I absolutely adore clothes and am a serious shopping addict. I’m always sourcing new items to add to my seriously bulging wardrobe and just become obsessed with new things I find and HAVE to have them. I’m by no means any model esque clothes horse, but I do just like sharing my latest finds or style ideas with my readers. I sometimes post things such as ‘wish lists’ and also product reviews if I’ve tried something new, but I’ve always been a clothes, shoes and bags addict so my blog is mostly focussed around show casing my latest lusts :)

How did you come up with your blog’s name?
The name of my blog originates from a nickname my Grandpa gave me when I was a little toddler, my Grandpa has a nickname for everyone in the family and mine happens to be marmalade. I also thought it was suitable, as the perks I get from working in the advertising industry are pretty jammy too. Mediamarmalade felt like an original and completely personal name for my blog.

What’s your favourite part about blogging?
Sharing all my interests, mostly fashion, clothes and style with like minded people who genuinely have an interest in what I am talking about. I am, admittedly, a little bit of a serial shopper and my blog creates the perfect outlet for me to share my finds and rid my guilt a little. Being able to broadcast it to readers, who actually are interested is great. I can’t also deny that meeting so many other bloggers is an amazing part of blogging, there are so many lovely bloggers out there who I’ve met so far. They make it all the more fun and enjoyable. Of course I also love the amazing perks I’ve received since starting blogging, whilst I never had any intention of my blog progressing this far, nor did I ever start writing to receive gifts etc, it genuinely is a lovely lovely treat which has developed as my blogs has begun growing. I’ve loved working with some amazing brands, attending their press days and trying their new collections. As a clothes and fashion lover this is a genuine perk which I am so grateful for.

How do you take your outfit pictures?
The $100 question, haha. Well my honest answer to this is ‘by any means possible’ – and it’s true. I’ve tried everything, resting my camera on the stair banister / a pile of books / the fruit bowl, to roping in my poor boyfriend / sister / mum / dad to take photos for me (these always turn out the best) or more recently a trusty old tripod. I have a full time job working in media and don’t really have much time for outfit posts in the week, so I end up juggling a 7am puffy eyed tripod outfit post pre work some days but in contrast some weekends I’ll get my boyfriend to take some fab photos while we’re out for the day. For me, it is a complete mixture of methods :) and that is totally reflected on my blog. I’m not a full time blogger, it’s my hobby, and I don’t believe we should feel pressure to deliver ‘Industry Standard Photo Shoots’ for our blog posts, we’re not all 6* photographers and so we shouldn’t feel pressure to be so.

What equipment (camera, etc) do you use?
When I first started my blog I tended to use my iphone and Canon compact camera for all my blog photos. This Christmas however I indulged and invested in a DSLR camera. I really enjoy taking photos and travel an awful lot so I decided that I’d love to develop some better skills and really start taking some fab photos. So I saved up and bought the Canon 550D, which I’ve not once regretted. It’s an absolutely ACE camera and the photo quality is really noticeable. I’ve become addicted to photography since and spend so much time taking pictures and playing around with my camera. I’ve also just got for my birthday (although, not yet used) a macro lens for my SLR. It’s the F1.8 Lens and I can’t wait to test it out and start taking some fab close up photos.

Do you post-edit your pictures?
I occasionally will edit the colours of my photos, mainly this would be adding a ‘cross process’ to my images. I don’t really do this for any reason other than that I love the look it creates. This tends to be when I’ve used a tripod or taking photos myself and have not been able to fully adjust the camera to the ‘perfect’ light / focus settings. I have photoshop on my Mac but don’t ever use it as it’s far too complicated ha. I find online sites such a picnik and picmonkey really helpful and actually fun to have a play around on.

Have you ever been invited to any blogging events? If yes, which one was your favorite?
I’ve attended a couple of events, including blogger meet ups, press events and blogger parties hosted by brands (e.g. Aussie). I probably have to say my favourite event yet was the 1st event I ever attended, the Aussie party back in October. I was invited as a plus 1 with a friend who blogs, at the time I’d never blogged or really read blogs before, but post this event there was absolutely no turning back. I loved all the girls I met, and was so in my comfort zone surrounded by people who loved the same things as me (and tons of half dressed Australian men). This really triggered me to start my own blog, and so has to go down as my #1 event :)

What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe?
Oh lord, I can’t even begin to answer this question. I really don’t know. I love my Mulberry collection, I’ve been collecting them for 5 years now and love all my bags and purses, my shoe collection is rather special (aka, MASSIVE) and I have some gorgeous KG‘s, clothes wise, I can’t even begin to thing. I am a little obsessed with blazers and have about a zillion all in different colours, I love my ‘fail safe’ French Connection studded black dress (it never fails me), my lush new pastel aztec Mango jumper, my amazing watches that I’ve collected over time and my new strawberry pink skinny jeans. I really don’t think I could just pick one thing, I LOVE IT ALL.

What’s your must-have accessory this season?
A pair of Jeffrey Campbell boots. ADORE. (or floral print shorts. yum.)

What fashion brands do you swear by?
Oh er, You can’t go wrong with a classic Mulberry handbag, Zara never fails you with it’s massively on trend designs that don’t break your bank, Topshop is of course fab (but a little annoying that everyone has the same things) , as is Mango (i’m loving Mango right now). I also do love a good little bargain find in H&M.

Who are your favorite bloggers?
Right now, my top 3 are: (love her style) (amazing Photography) (I want her wardrobe)

What’s your pet hate?
I hate bitching & arrogance. A lot.

What’s your vice?

What makes you subscribe to a blog?
Great Photos, Great style, Great Content.
A blog is amazing if it’s completely personal and a true reflection of a bloggers style and interests. When a blog is unique and personal, it totally shows, and this makes me want to read more and follow :)

How do you think your blog stands out from the other blogs?
This is a tough question. To twist my answer slightly, As mentioned on the last question I absolutely love and think that Individual personality & style makes a blog stand out. I love a blogger that doesn’t try to be anything else but themselves, true style shines :) I hope my blog reflects this too.

Whose style do you admire (celebrity, fashion blogger, etc)?
My most adored celebrities in regards to style and inspiration are: Sienna Miller (she’s just so cool, and has such an casual chic style), Rachel Bilson (fab fashion sense), Mollie King (she always look amazing, albeit she seems a little annoying), Blake Lively (so pretty and who can’t deny Serena Van Der Woodsen has amazing clothes). I also must say, Edie Sedgwick, one of Warhols muse’s just has the most intriguing and engaging style and charisma, I find her look quite inspiring :)

How would other people describe you using only 5 adjectives?
Oh god, haha. I am actually going to ask someone this, here’s the response from my Exec at work:
1) Girly
2) High Maintenance
3) Pinickity
4) Chatty
5) Blake (lively) – i’ll take that one, haha!

What is your go-to fashion magazine?
Look, hands down, the BOMB.

What food can you not stay away from?
Pick N Mix .  BBQs .  Potatoes . Sushi <3 What do you prefer: online shopping or shopping in stores?
I love a good trying on session, I get nervous shopping online that the clothes may not fit, may not be good quality, nice in real life etc. I like shopping in retail as you really know what you’re investing in. Having said that, there is nothing more exciting than receiving a package in the post. That is definitely the perk of buying online.

Is there something you wanna share that you haven’t shared before?
I may go and treat myself to the nude Molly Aspinal bag … UH OH.

I really enjoy reading Melissa’s blog – she puts sooo much effort and energy into it all. Everyday, you’ll see a new outfit post – I don’t know how in the hell she does it, what with it constantly raining?! But her happy personality definitely shines through her posts, so maybe she’s just parked the UK sunshine all for herself? ;-)

Anyways, if you want to follow a cute, girly style and fashion blogger who likes to combine high-street fashion with online-exclusive retailer pieces or the occasional high-end piece, someone who’s always happy and super dedicated to her blog, then Melissa is your person!

Follow her blog, her twitter and if you want her Lookbook too!


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