Follow Friday Interview Series: AdoreaBubbles

Happy Friday! Froehlichen Freitag! Bon Vendredi!

Yes! It’s Friday again! And FINALLY I get to introduce you to someone that I should’ve introduced you to months ago!! How the hell that happened that I missed her out from introducing her to you, only God or the Devil knows (or my boyfriend as he seems to know everything :-P)

Like Barney Stinson would say “Haaaaave you met Sarah from AdoreaBubbles?”

Name: Sarah
Age: 24 — 25 on the 26th this month!
Twitter: @AdoreaBubbles
Blog: AdoreaBubbles

How long have you been blogging?
Since the start of the year.

How many subscribers (across all media incl Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc) do you have right now? 

Just under 2000. It’s really crazy to think about that!

What do you blog most about (reviews? make-up looks? hair care products? fashion?) 

I wouldn’t consider my blog a complete beauty blog but I do alot of nails of the day and a few face of the day posts, I also post about crafty things, food and hauls. I like doing reviews but admit I am not the best at them just yet. I find it hard to say negative things, If I don’t like a product I’d rather not blog about it at all.

How did you come up with your blog’s name?
Its a username I use across the board on my twitter and YouTube. My good friend Sue gave that nickname to me about eight years ago.

Do you blog full-time? If not, what do you do full-time?
I do not blog full time, I’m a spur of the moment blogger! I was training to become a Montessori Teacher and I start my first job on Monday the 8th. I cannot wait. I also have an etsy shop make educational material for 3-6 year olds.

Have you ever been invited to any blogging events? If yes, which one was your favorite?
I was invited to an event at one stage in Dublin and fully intended on going but I was so busy the week of the event I totally forgot about it until the day after..I even had an outfit picked out and all!

What type of hair do you have and what’s your favorite hair care brand?
My hair at the moment is a bit of a mess! I had it chopped up about 8 months ago to an edgy short style. It was long on one side and really short on the other. Now its all grown out. I have booked myself a hair appointment this week. No idea what I am having done cut and colour wise! There will of course be a before and after blog I am sure.

What’s in your make-up bag?
Lots of drugstore brands and two sigma brushes.

What’s your pet hate?
I hate when people spend an absolute fortune on big named brands when they could get the same product at half the price and just as good with a lesser known brand.

What’s your vice?

What makes you subscribe to a blog?
When the bloggers personality shine through their posts, blogs that dont take things too seriously and great photos.

How do you think your blog stands out from the other blogs?
O god, thats a hard question! I suppose in a way my blog is like a lot of others out there because I have learned everything about blogging from reading other peoples blogs. I have variety in that I each post is different from the last. One day I might blog about beauty products and the next day i’ll show you what crafty things iv’e been getting up to!

How would other people describe you using only 5 adjectives?
I left this question for the boyfriend, he replied… and three of the words aren’t suitable the other words he used where beautiful and positive! He came back with adventureous, generous and kind.

What do you consider your strengths?
I always see the positive side to a negative situation. I don’t beat around the bush or sugar coat things which people seem to appreciate. I am also a very organised person…most of the time.

What is your favorite beauty magazine?
I don’t buy magazines, too expensive for me.

What food can you not stay away from?
All food! I am a food junkie.

How often per month do you haul?
At least once a month.

Is there something we should know about you that you haven’t shared before?
I really love blogging, being apart of this blogging, youtube, twitter world has taught me alot about myself. It’s opened my eyes to interests I never knew I had before and I know I can also count on some pretty awesome ladies out there if I ever need advice.

I love Sarah, I have to say!! I think she was one of my very first regular youtube viewers and also commented on every blog post I did. She is an awesome lady and I just love her youtube videos (her Irish accent really is irresistible!!) Please go and sub to her youtube channel and her blog and find her on twitter!!

I really do hope you’ll enjoy watching and reading her as much as I do!! <3 Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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