Follow Friday Interview: Laurenella

Welcome back to the Follow Friday Interview Series! I wanted to resume this series in ages, but only now that I’ve got my DIY blog organiser, I actually am managing to get more structure into my blogging again!

So today I’m introducing the lovely Lauren from Laurenella to you – a small, but cute style, fashion and beauty blog that I’ve been following for a while. Lauren is a super sweet blogger and deserves every bit of love that you can give her, so go check out her blog!!


Name: Lauren (Ella)
: @laurenella_
Height: 5 foot 7
Size: 10/12

How long have you been blogging? 
I’ve only been blogging since the beginning of October 2011, so I’m just coming up to a year in the next month which I’m very excited about. I’m really proud of what I’ve achieved in such a relatively small amount of time, and also that I’ve managed to stick to it so consistently for so long!

How many subscribers (across all media incl Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, etc) do you have right now? 
I have 501 on GFC, 80 on Bloglovin, 33 on Hello Cotton, 1018 on Twitter, 10 on Facebook aaaand 41 YouTube subscribers! Phew. Lots of platforms to follow me on! I really appreciate each and every follower, and though it isn’t the aim of blogging, it is nice to know that there are people out there who enjoy reading my ramblings.

What do you blog most about (outfit posts? trends? lust-lists? etc)?
I try to blog about a variety of things but probably outfit posts and reviews of products are my two main things. Though I’m trying to squeeze more lifestyle and recipe posts in there!

How did you come up with your blog’s name? 
I had a really generic name that I picked when I started my blog -one of about 100 blogs with the same name! So when I decided to get properly into my blog I changed it to something unique to me-my name. Luckily I decided that my first name and middle name run together quite well and that is how Laurenella was born!

What’s your favourite part about blogging? 
I know its an obvious answer, but the people that I’ve met through it-whether just online or in person as well. There are some people that I would say I genuinely count as real proper friends now and loads of people who I’d like to get to know more! So if you fancy it please, please tweet me-I promise I’ll reply and I really love chatting to new people!

How do you take your outfit pictures? 
Either with a self timer and a random flat surface, or occasionally I persuade my sister/mum/boyfriend to take them for me. It tends to be easier to take them myself though because I require a lot of pictures to find a few good ones and I imagine it gets quite annoying…

What equipment (camera, etc) do you use? 
At the moment I just use a run of the mill digital camera, but I am thinking of getting a bridge camera between now and Christmas-so if anyone has any recommendations please advise me as I’m completely clueless.

Do you post-edit your pictures? 
Sometimes I enhance or sharpen them on iPhoto but other than that I don’t really.

Have you ever been invited to any blogging events? If yes, which one was your favourite? 
I have been lucky enough to be invited to a few and have two favourites so far-a Motel event last November which was my first ever event and therefore is a very fond memory, and an Aussie event which was held in a very swish hotel suite and involved a lot of chatting with new friends, champagne and canapés!

What’s your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe? 
It WAS my faux leather jacket until I misplaced it somehow, now I’d probably say my faux leather shorts (such a faux biker chick haha.)

What’s your must-have accessory this season? 
I’m absolutely desperate to find the perfect neon clutch, and I’ve ordered a bowler hat online which I’m half eager to wear and half very nervous that I’ll look like a weird Charlie Chaplin impersonator.

What fashion brands do you swear by? 
I’m addicted to Topshop despite the fact that it IS overpriced, and I’m loving Forever 21 now that its opened a store in Bluewater. I also really like a lot of online brands like Lavish Alice.

Who are your favorite bloggers? 
I really have so many that I can’t name all my favourites, but a few of the ones I constantly check are on my Blogroll :)

What’s your pet hate? 
Spiders, people who walk really slowly in the middle of the pavement for no reason and Peter Andre.

What’s your vice? 
I am really very lazy, and if I’m eating something delicious I’m incapable of stopping until I basically feel sick.

What makes you subscribe to a blog? 
Clear photos, a layout that is nice to look at, easy to read writing and evidence that the person writing the blog has a personality!

How do you think your blog stands out from the other blogs? 
I like to think that I come through in my posts and people get an idea of what I’m like as a person :)

Whose style do you admire (celebrity, fashion blogger, etc)? 
I love Victoria Beckham and how she looks 100% of the time, and I constantly want to dress exactly like Katy from Caught up in Cake and Olivia from What Olivia Did.

How would other people describe you using only 5 adjectives? 
Outgoing, loud, lazy, funny, tea-drinker.

What is your go-to fashion magazine?
magazine for definite.

What food can you not stay away from? 
Fresh baked bread with a ridiculous amount of melted butter on top.

What do you prefer: online shopping or shopping in stores? 
Online shopping unless its for stuff that I know I need to try on-like jeans!

Is there something you wanna share that you haven’t shared before?
I actually don’t think there is-I chat quite openly about pretty much every aspect of my life! Hmm…I hate eating fruit with savoury stuff unless its either grapes and cheese or jam and peanut butter-otherwise it makes me want to vomit! (for example-pork and apple sauce, turkey and cranberry sauce. Ick.)

Thank you so much Lauren, for participating in the interview! Keep up the great work!!

And you guys, please make sure that you do visit Laurenella and follow her :)

Who would you like me to interview next?
Let me know!!


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