First Impressions: Organic Surge Skin Perfecting Polish

Organic Surge kindly sent me their Beauty Steals Winner product Skin Perfecting Polish for review purposes, but I wanted to give you my first impressions.

But before I go into that, I wanted to give some information about the company for those who haven’t heard of this brand before (I’m still fairly new to them).

Alan McKenzie founded this company with the vision and mission to create natural products. But his motivation wasn’t necessarily creating products that are kinder to people’s skins due to lack of potentially harmful chemicals at an affordable price. No, he set his bar higher – he wants his brand to be successful so that he can help children living in poverty in Africa! So every single product sold contributes to his quest of improving those children’s lives. Their greatest achievement to date is that Organic Surge raised enough money to pay for all costs of food, nursing care and staff at the Baby Care Unit in Nairobi that looks after 48 sick or abandoned newborns, babies and toddlers.

First Impressions
This product is really nice. It has great packaging and feels gentle, refreshing and moisturizing to the skin. It also smells divine from its rosemary, almond, lemon, walnut and green tea essences. I’ve not had any bad reactions at all and my skin does look and feel clearer. But I only started using this product on Monday hence only the “First Impressions”. I will report back in 3 weeks. But it looks like it would be £5.99 worth spending for anyone!

Much love,


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