Finally A Blemish Balm Cream!

Most cosmetics companies have by now introduced BB creams, which was introduced into the UK market this year after being massively successful in Asia.  Over there, BB creams are ‘blemish balm’ creams, but over here, for some reason, the companies introducing their products, sort of lost track of that top anti-blemish property of the cream and rebranded it into the ‘beauty balm’ cream, without even mentioning anything about blemishes (besides supposedly hiding them).

But finally, Sleek Makeup have finally started to move into the right direction by releasing their Be Beautiful Blemish Balm Cream.

A multi-tasking, skin loving tinted wonder balm that can be used as a primer, moisturiser and concealer, providing medium to full coverage.

Loaded with multi-vitamins, anti aging properties and protein peptides that aid in skin repair whilst revitalising and nourishing. SPF15 protects skin while jojoba oil soothes and moisturises for a youthful, radiant finish.

However, it doesn’t actually mention any blemish-combating properties, so maybe that’s just a name thing that they’ve gone with, but I certainly hope that I’m wrong with that. They do speak of protein peptides ingredients to be skin repairing, which certainly is helpful when combating blemishes.

Either way, I definitely want to try this, now that it’s available in Superdrug!

What do you think? This will be the actual blemish balm that we have been waiting for, or is it just a name game?


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17 Comments on “Finally A Blemish Balm Cream!

  1. stephaniepomfrett

    I'm using South Korean BB Creams at the minute, which seem to be more targeted at different skin types/problems. The Holika Holika brand has loads of kinds (but not loads of shades), so I'd be interested to see whether this is something that develops over here. Witch has a BB Cream which seems to be more targeted at skin issues, if that helps?


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