Fashion: Celebrity Big Brother 2011

So tonight Celebrity Big Brother came back to the UK on Channel 5. This seems to be the biggest deal ever on Twitter, since everyone seems to love watching trash. I can’t remember ever watching the German or the UK version of it besides the 2nd UK season of Celebrity Big Brother featuring Mark Owen because I always avoided watching trashy shows on telly.

Tonight however I did switch into it. And I blame Big Fashionista for subsequent addiction and lost hours of productivity (tonight, Twitter has actually blocked me for tweeting too much!).

Out of 10 house mates, half of them are female and obviously (tried to?) dress to impress for their first appearance on one of the (once) biggest shows on telly…

Kerry Katona is known in the UK for a jaded girls pop group called Atomic Kitten, for being married to an ex-Westlife bloke and for being in the tabloids for being on drugs on telly and in the news and generally being too big a spender! She was made for trashy tvTara Reid - known for being on American Pie and being the absolute warning sign for plastic surgery as her body is totally botched up from too many never necessary surgeries - got Kerry’s name wrong straight away which will be brilliantly entertaining for the future. She royally seems to be slurring her words! Guess Kerry slipped her the pills she once took before going on telly!

Amy Childs – probably the thickest chick on telly, only known for being tangoed-tanned on The Only Way Is Essex (yet another trash show) with a vajazzled fufu. That’s literally all I know of her. She’s gonna do my head in for sure and her accent will throw Tara Reid just as much as Kerry’sSally Bercow is known for being the wife from a guy who’s in the House of Commons (a very important political institution in the UK). She apparently is a bit controversial because she supports the opposite party to the one her husband works for. And there’s been some sort of nudity as well. She will be entertaining what with her inappropriateness being a wife of one of the political heads of this country. Imagine the First Lady doing stuff like that!

The last female to join the House was Pamela Bach Hasselhoff. She has 2 claims to fame: Baywatch and more importantly (helping her with the money stuff) having been married to The Hoff for 18 years and having those lovely kids who filmed The Hoff being drunk and all. She seemed very over the top arriving at the house don’t know what I should think of her.

Kerry Katona, Amy Childs, Pamela Bach, Tara Reid, Sally Bercow

Right when Sally Bercow came onto the screen, people commented very badly on her outfit and how she shouldn’t wear something like that at her age (41) with cleavage and legs on the show. Well I say GO GIRL! If you think about it, Amy is wearing her boobs and legs out too, yet no one said anything! I was a bit shocked about the reaction of those who tweeted that (I generally almost exclusively beauty- and fashion-related people) as I thought we were here to promote wearing what you feel comfortable in and what suits your body. Sally has great bangers and fantastic legs so why the hell should she not wear that dress! Just because she’s the wife of a politician? I actually honestly think she was the best dressed out of those 5!

Kerry looks like she’s wearing a dress from Big Fat Gypsy Wedding - another trashy show on telly! – and Gok Wan would probably advise against strapless if you are a bigger shorter girl, as it just pronounces your wider chest. Ah well, Kerry has to return the dress anyways, she’s only borrowed it (LMAO!). But I do like her hair. Very rock-chic!!

Amy and Tara looked average. Can you believe that Tara splashed out $4,800 for that dress? Why she had to wear platform heels I don’t understand. It’s not like her legs ain’t long enough! With Amy, I expected her to wear something more like a bodycon and bigger hair – more like a trashy version of Cheryl Cole, so I am a bit disappointed in that. She still looks great though. Just needs to burn those fake lashes!

Pamela just looked over the top. She was wearing hooker-like platform heels and a short 80s gold sequins long jumper of some sort. SHE is the one I expected people to kick off over her fashion sense (or lack thereof) rather than Sally. Worst dressed of the bunch!

Who of 2011′s Big Brother’s Celebrities do you think was best and worst dressed?

Much love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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