Dos & Dont’s of Sunless Tanning


Who wouldn’t wanna look as glowing as Blake Lively all year round especially in the dark, misery months called Autumn/Winter? Well, I guess you’re either going to have to take your stuff out towards the equator or put up with sunless options like tanning oil, spray, mousse, lotion, etc.

Sunless tanning can give the skin a natural-looking colour in just a few minutes but the key is preparation when it comes to making it last, so here are some good Dos & Don’ts.


  • Exfoliate skin and shave/wax the night before sunless tanning.
  • Choose an old bikini, bathing suit or underwear in dark colours to wear during the tanning session.
  • Remove all the jewellery and accessories you’re wearing before the session.
  • If you have long hair, gather it in a high bun.
  • Remove all the makeup you’re wearing.
  • Use high quality light moisturisers after tanning as heavy creams remove sunless tan.
  • Opt for loose-fitting clothes and flip flops after applying tan.
  • Lightly exfoliate heels, elbows and other patches of dry skin a few days after tanning to make sure the skin colour is even.


  • Don’t exfoliate, shave or wax the day you’re getting sunless tan.
    Avoid using oil-based exfoliants, deodorants and perfume before tanning.
  • Don’t use soap when you take a shower the morning before the tanning session as soap can exfoliate your skin.
  • Don’t use baby oil or oily cream before and after tanning as it can prevent tan from covering your body evenly and remove it. Massage oil can also ruin your tan so don’t have a massage prior to and after tanning.
  • Don’t exercise or do any activities that will make you sweat 6-8 hours before and after your tanning session. Chlorinated water in the swimming pool is no good either.
  • Don’t go for long showers and baths with soap after you get tanned to avoid tan removal.
  • Don’t exfoliate or shave for at least 24 hours after sunless tanning.
  • Don’t forget about sunscreen as sunless tan doesn’t protect your skin from UV.

Sunless tanning allows you to look good all year round, but remember to use the tips mentioned above to make the most of your tanning session.

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