DIY/How To: Shorten Trousers But Keep Original Hemline

Original Hemline DIY (2)

Suffering from acute lack of height for me always means having to shorten my trousers, even those I get from petite ranges or from kids’ sections. They’re always at least 1 inch too long, because my legs are proportionally too short for my height (according to DaVinci the lower body is meant to be longer than the upper body, but mine is the other way around!).

Rather than cutting the excess fabric off and making it look stupid, I thought I show you fellow short-arses how to make it look like you didn’t shorten it at all!

Here’s my DIY / How to shorten your trousers with keeping the original hemline!

Original Hemline DIY

What you’ll need
1. Measuring tape
2. Marker
3. Pins
4. Needle & Thread (sewing machine)
5. Scissors
6. Iron

Step 1 & 2: Take the measure of how much you need to take off the trousers for it to be the right length and make a mark
Step 3 & 4: Fold the trousers along that line that you’ve just made and place some pins through the fabric to fix it into place
Step 5: Now carefully sew just below the hemline (as close as you can to the hemline). It’s probably best to use a sewing machine, but I don’t have one so I just do it by hand.
Step 6: Cut off the excess fabric about 1cm below where you just sewed it to the trouser leg and then fold the original hemline down and iron the trouser leg ends.

Voila, you have trousers that almost look like you didn’t shorten them at all! Of course you’ll be able to tell, especially up close, but no one will be able to think twice about it from afar!


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