DIY: Glitter Litas!

DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (1)You know I love looking taller what with my acute lack of height and all that so when the Lita-trend was started by Jeffrey Campbell, I fell in love with the shoes instantaneously, because while I love looking and being taller, I also am an eternal moaner and whinger and hate my feet being in pain through high heels. It’s a constant battle wanting to look taller, so wanting to reach for heels, but knowing that I will just end up being moody and bitchy when my feet hurt.

Litas were the way out of this dilemma – massive platforms but the angle of the heel to the platform wasn’t too bad! Shoes I could look tall AND be comfortable in all day! But of course, being a student and thus suffering from notorious brokeness, I can’t afford these godsend shoes. So alternatives had to be thought of and sought after. And my quest was ended when My1stWish approached me and actually offered a pair of Lita’esque boots. But being the ditz that I am, I of course broke the shoes’ fabric pretty much immediately thanks to my extreme excitement. God did I feel guilty! AND UPSET that I was finally in total reach of being tall and comfy but missed it to my own idiocy! Typical!

DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (3)DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (4)
So I tried to figure out how to fix THIS dilemma so I could escape the original dilemma of wanting to be tall and comfy and voila: Glitter Litas!

DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (5)DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (7)
Items you’ll need:
1. Lita’esque shoes like the ones I got from My1stWish
2. 1-2 Bottles of Glitter Paint (or: glue & loose glitter)
2. A set of big art brushes
3. Masking Tape

Rather than using glue and then loose glitter like most tutorials that I found do, I bought this gorgeous blue-turquoise glitter paint from The Works for £1.49 and some cheap big art brushes and went to town with it all.

It took about 10 coats to get the glitter paint fully covering the pink fake leather fabric of the shoes, so it was a very length process, but I think it’s totally worth it. The only thing I should say, which I didn’t do, is take some masking tape and put it where you don’t want paint to go – I should’ve done this for the heels!

I really like the result, I actually think the shoes look a lot cooler than when My1stWish sent me them! I’m really proud of these shoes! My first DIY project :)

What do you guys think? Do you think they look better before or after? Would you do this to your shoes? How would you DIY them?

DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (8)DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (9)DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (12)DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (13)DIY Glitter Litas My1stWish (14)


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5 Comments on “DIY: Glitter Litas!

  1. alter idem ls

    These look so good! Such a good idea so that they could be worn again! I have some nude flatforms I've ruined with mud, so tempted to try this to make them wearable xx

  2. Mizz-drifted Snow-Wh

    if they are suede, it's worth investing in suede fabric cleaner products (from Deichmann for example) and see if you can fix the shoes that way.if not, why dont you just glue sequins on them or something? would look wicked!!


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