Design Portfolio Additions #1

retro-flame stylonylon-final

Over the last few months, I’ve been rekindling my love for my freelance web designing and programming. I got the chance to move many bloggers across from Blogger to WordPress (no complaints so far, so clearly WordPress isn’t so bad after all ;)) but I also got to do some redesigns. That, besides my own blog, I haven’t done in a long while, because whilst at uni, I just didn’t have the time and also no photoshop.

Now it turns out, I don’t even need Photoshop! CSS3 is my hero and since I’m more into simple/minimalistic designs with some cool effects kind of girl, that really works well :)

So I just wanted to show you two of the designs that I’ve done (both bloggers I actually got to move across to WordPress). Both designs are simple and minimalistic with a black & white theme running through. I prefer having a bit more of a splash of colour, but Julia and Erika knew what they wanted. The only splash of colour is in Erika’s header it turns orange to sort of represent her hair :)

I still got Jude and Daniella to move & redesign, and then Adrienne is waiting eagerly too to be moved and redesign for WordPress. Rosie, Leanne & Sarah are getting new designs from me too :) Busy busy busy and no idea how I’m gonna manage this all in the next month haha but I will be fine!

Let me know what you think of these designs? There are some fantastic blog designers out there, so that it’s hard to do this full-on professionally and I wouldn’t want to do that anyways. With creativity and creative jobs is so hard to just GO AND DO :(

But yeah, let me know what you think!


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1 Comment on “Design Portfolio Additions #1

  1. Hannah

    Hi Hun!
    They look really good! How much do you charge for a complete blog re design? Dying to change mine but haven’t a clue how to :/ Thanks! xx


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