Collection: My Shoe Collection

As promised in My MakeUp Collection video, I’m now sharing a video of my shoe collection as a lot of people commented on the purple wedge boots that I bought (see New Look Post-Xmas Sale Haul).

Also, for myself, I find it very special that I now have so many shoes. I used to hate buying shoes, because I never found what I wanted – where I grew up in Germany we didn’t have a lot of shops.

So when I moved over here to the UK 6 years ago I discovered how joyous buying shoes can be and now that I’m earning good money (for now) I find myself buy a lot more shoes! So for now I’m on 28 pairs but I’m pretty sure I have a couple of pairs back at my parents’s in Germany.

Anyways, I buy/bought most of my shoes in the following stores (online and offline):

  • New Look
  • ASOS
  • eBay
  • Deichmann
  • Primark

I never buy shoes that are more than £40 – I am stingy like that. Except for one time, when I was in Bicester Village north-west of Oxford and spotted a stunning pair of sparkly green Karen Millen shoes sling back shoes, that I just had to have – despite their £100 price tag! But, they were discounted from £199.
I wouldn’t’ve bought them for their original price.

Here’s some pictures of the collection:

Shelf 1

Shelf 2

Shelf 3

And here’s the video I filmed:

I hope you liked seeing my shoes! I love them. I actually have some more shoes lying about but those are going onto the giveaway that I mentioned in a previous post – a giveaway without competing for it! 
Stay tuned!
Much love,


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2 Comments on “Collection: My Shoe Collection

  1. snow0016

    oh how i love your shoes!! if i had that, my most worn would probably the pinkish cream on the first photo and the most loved but seldom worn is the blue green on the last photo.. great collection! :)

  2. Isabel

    Gosh.. Shoes! I'm not into buying shoes. Most are like killer heels and so not comfy. And when they're at a comfortable height, the heel is either stumpy or it's a wedge trying to be a high heel kinda look =_= Urgh.


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