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Hi everyone!

This might become a lengthy post, but I need to get this out of my system.
You gotta know: I hate shopping in shops – too many people, stressed sales assistants and most of the time what I want is already sold out. So normally I do online shopping whenever I can, but obviously ordering makeup online brings a lot of hits-and-misses, even with doing enough research and the help of Karla Sugar who gets her hands on almost any makeup product you can imagine and swatches it for her followers/readers.

Anyways, I actually needed to do some shopping for my first work xmas party (I needed a dress) and a gift for my other half as we’re going to Paris next week and as it happens it will be our 8th monthiversary.

So I dared step outside into the cold and ventured to The Oracle in Reading. And it was as bad as I expected. Too many people (though less than I expected). I just hate crowded places. Put me in a concert in front of 80,000 people and I don’t but when you are being shoved and run into every 2 yards, it drives me up the wall.

I dove into Superdrug as I’m in the process of buying my friend MakeupMandiTX all Sleek MakeUp palettes as they aren’t being sold in the US.
I got excited when I saw that they still have the LE Good Girl palettes! But knowing how fickle and soft the eye shadows are and how easily they break I started opening the packages trying to find one that isn’t broken, as I knew it would be impossible to get it exchanged.
I stood there opening the packages by removing the sticky tape the sales assistants had put on there to prevent people from opening it. And suddenly a sales assistant approaches me telling me that I wasn’t allowed to open the packages in a very rude tone.
I replied that I sure can open the packages as I wont purchase anything I’m not sure is not broken and that I most likely cant return or exchange. She said that I still shouldn’t open the packages as they are safely transported and there wont be any problems with the eye shadows.
again I told her nicely that I had experience with bringing home those palettes and realising that they were broken and that I’m not having that. Eventually she just stormed off (and I bought the palettes as quickly as possible and got out of the store).

So I wasn’t a happy bunny because of that rude, inconsiderate assistant but I was happy because I finally got my hands on the LE Good Girl palette for myself and for Mandi and one Original palette too.

I moved on to House of Fraser where there’s a MAC stall and started browsing around, I wasn’t sure if I was even looking for something. I just enjoy staring at makeup, it’s like therapy for me.

I started swatching MAC’s lip pencils as I have up until now only ever had the automatic liners that are nice and creamy but difficult to sharpen. So I found my favorite three (“Beet”, “Dervish” and “Cherry”) and moved on the next counter to stare at pigments as I am still eyeing the Melon pigment but am holding back as I’m not OK with MAC having changed to smaller, less product pigment jars but still selling it for the same price!

So this MAC sales assistant approaches me asking if she could help me and I start asking her about prices for the lip pencils and then I tell her that I’m also interested in the pigment but that I’m not sure because I’m not keen on spending the same money for less product. And she flat-out lied to my face saying that they’ve always come in that jar size!!! I got well pissed off and told her that I actually OWNED a MAC pigment in a bigger jar that I directly bought from the shop a year ago. Her face just went blank. No apology, no nothing. She didn’t even try to hide the fact that I caught her lying to my face.

I was well tempted to not buy those 2 lip pencils (£10 for one was too much for buy all 3) and not have her get the commission, but at the moment MAC stalls and stores are hard to come by where I live so I had to swollow my anger and pride and buy anyways.

So I buy the pencils, leave the store to go to John Lewis and see a Chanel stall. Now, I’ve gone to a Chanel stall before at Boots in Birmingham and had a pleasant experience until the sales lady there told me that they do samples from all foundations and all shades but the one that matched me. Very odd and I told her back then that I ain’t paying £30 and more for a foundation that might match my skin at that very moment but I cant test-drive. She was apologetic and I left the store thinking that that was just very odd. But who knows, that was my first Chanel experience. Anyways, I went up to the Chanel stall and looked at different things. The sales assistant saw me but didn’t bother coming over (I was the only interestee there). So I looked some more and tried the testers and then got frustrated waiting and hoping that the sales assistant would approach me. I went up to her and asked her if they did samples and she said NO! What a liar! So I just went “Pffft, I ain’t paying that much money for a foundation I don’t know works on my skin and whatnot!”. And she just pulled a face and turned away! BITCH!

MakeUP palettes and a gorgeous gift for my man.

But this day has totally proved my point of hating going shopping. People are stressed and unfriendly whatever time of the day and don’t do what they are being paid for. I have worked in customer-facing environments where people came in to complain or ask a gazillion questions and even when I had a shite day, I wouldn’t let them feel it because I was being paid to help them and it wasn’t there fault for me having a shite day! I always felt guilty when I didn’t make the customer happy and couldn’t help them with everything that bothered them! Don’t work in a customer-facing environment if you can’t handle having to deal with lots of different people with all sorts of needs and questions and problems!

Here’s what I had on as makeup today::

Foundation: Revlon ColorStay Foundation in Buff (Normal/Dry Skin)
Concealer: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, MAC Select Cover-Up in NW20
Setting Powder: Make Up For Ever HD Powder
Cheeks: Benefit Bronzer in Dallas
Brows: Sleek Storm Palette (bottom row, 2nd from right)
Eyes: Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden, MAC Fluidtrack in Blacktrack(on upper & lower lashlines and upper & lower waterline), Sleek Storm Palette (bottom-right), Maybelline Volum’ Express Waterproof in Black
Lips: MAC Pro Long Wear Lipcreme in Prolonged
Tools: Sigma SS190, Sigma SS150, fake MAC 129SH, Koji Eye Lash Curler, Sigma SS266, fake MAC 208
Hope you had a better weekend than me (besides the hateful shopping, I also broke my netbook on Saturday and got my hand caught between a heavy door and its door frame).
I wish you all a great week!!
Much love,
Ms Drifted SW


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  1. LibraKitten

    Hey hun, oh my god I know exactly how you feel. I try and do all my shopping online these days. Hate crowds too, and shops are always too hot especially in the winter, you're all wrapped up cos it's freezing outside then you go in a shop and start sweating, it's ridiculous! I feel for you!


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