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Hola Amigos! Hope you are all well! I’m ok-ish… I’ve finally finished my degree (hurrah!) but I’m super broke because student loan & grant just isn’t enough and in final year I could not afford working a lot.. So I’m utterly broke right now, which explains today’s post: I’m trying to sell a lot now – things just don’t use anymore so I might as well free myself from them!

Today is the first Blog Sale of a couple – featuring only MAC products. And these are all dirt cheap too!! But a few rules first!

Once the majority of these items are gone, I’ll launch another makeup blog sale featuring products from Makeup Forever, MAC, Revlon, Urban Decay, Sleek, Benefit, OCC, etc so stay tuned!

EDIT: The last items can now be found on the ‘Shop’ page


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35 Comments on “Blog Sale: MAC Products

      1. Miss drifted Snow Wh

        hi there,I can only reserve the items for 24hrs at a time as I said in the rules but the next sale isn't until next week most likely. You'd only save 50p anyways in terms of shipping – if you buy them individually it's £1 per sending, so £2 in total, if you buy them together then it's £1.50. Let me know what you decidexx

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