Blog Sale: Illamasqua, Makeup Forever, OPI, etc

What do you guys up to when it’s peeing down so much outside after being spoilt for so much heat and sunshine? I know what I do – troll the internet and dream of spending money on this and that, but I can’t, ‘cause I’m broke as. And that’s not just down to bad money management (it partially is – we’re all crap it, right? It’s surely not just me?!)…

Anyho, since the last blog sale went so brilliantly (there’s still a few items left, and the prices have been reduced by £2 per item now!), I’m putting on another one – I hope you don’t mind!

EDIT: The last items can now be found on the ‘Shop’ page


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25 Comments on “Blog Sale: Illamasqua, Makeup Forever, OPI, etc

  1. Anonymous

    I would like Aqua Cream number 9 and both Ciate's, please!Paypal: evatammelo (at) hotmail.comI'm located in Estonia.


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