Blog Face Lift

1: Disclaimer Bar, 2: Navigation Bar, 3: Social Media Buttons

Welcome to the 3rd Face Lift of Miss drifted Snow White! I have been working on a new design to make my blog more appealing to the eye by decluttering and tidying things up. I’ve added a few bits and changed a few things too…

  1. Disclaimer Bar – Rather than just having the Disclaimer Page, I thought a constantly floating Disclaimer Bar at the bottom of the screen might be a better solution. If you hover your mouse over the bar, my entire disclaimer as written on the Disclaimer Page is displayed.
  2. Navigation Bar – I’ve removed the tabs from before. I think this is a bit cleaner and smaller and yet still obvious¬†
  3. Social Media Buttons РRather than having lots of different colourful buttons for my YouTube, Facebook, etc, I chose to update them to make them easier on the eye. 
What do you think of the design – you are very welcome to obviously dislike it! Do let me know, please!!
Much love
Miss drifted Snow White


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