Better Blogging Series: Blogging via eMail!

Here’s another edition of my Better Blogging Series, that I write on here and on (I post these sort of posts there more often than here).

Did you know you can blog on the go via eMail (assuming you have an email program on your phone and internet acces and all that)? It’s really useful when you just want to post an update and you can even attach pictures if you want! How convenient, eh? And you can set it so that they are only saved as drafts – very useful if you have ideas for blogposts!

Blogging via eMail
Step 1
Go to to access your dashboard.

Step 2
Click on the little envelope symbol in front of your listed blog

In the new window, enter a unique name in the text field. This will make the email address to which you send your blog posts or whatever :) It could be [email protected] for example. Keep your email secret (the one I just wrote is fake) otherwise other people can send emails to that and post!

Voila! You are done :)

Change settings or disable Blogging via eMail

When you switch on the email option following the instructions above it is automatically set to publish anything that goes to that email address.

In case you want to change that or disable the option follow these steps

Step 1
Go to to access your dashboard.

Step 2
Click on ‘Settings’ where your blog is listed

Step 3
Go to the ‘Email & Mobile’ option

Step 4
In the ‘Posting Options’ section you can change the settings to either ‘save emails as draft posts’ or ‘disable’ depending on what you want.

sorry, had to block out my private email addres xx

Step 5
Scroll to the bottom and click ‘Save’

I hope this helps :) Let me know if you need any help!!

Miuch love,
Miss drifted Snow White


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1 Comment on “Better Blogging Series: Blogging via eMail!

  1. Louise Hartrey

    As a new blogger I'm loving your tech posts. I did this for the first time yesterday. It's a brilliant way to record ideas as soon as the idea strikes. I'll definitely be using this feature of Blogger a lot.


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